1st Edition

Native Arts Of North America, Africa, And The South Pacific
An Introduction

ISBN 9780064301749
Published May 11, 1988 by Routledge
352 Pages

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Book Description

This introduction to the art of tribal peoples of North America, Africa, and the South Pacific does not briefly cover the hundreds of artistic traditions in these three vast areas but rather studies in depth thirty-six art styles within all three areas using the methods of art history, including stylistic analysis and iconographic interpretation. Emphasis is on the art in cultural context and as a system of visual communication within each tribal area. Where appropriate for a more complete understanding of the art, data from archaeology, ethnology, linguistics, religion, and other humanistic disciplines are included.Among the peoples and cultures whose art is studied are the Haida, Kwakiutl, and Tlingit; the Hohokam and Mongollon, the Anasazi and Hopi; the Dogon and Bamana of Mali; the Asante of Ghana; the Benin, Yoruba, and Ibo of Nigeria; the Fan, the Bamum, and the Kuba of Central Africa; Australian aboriginal and Island New Guinea art; Island Melanesia art; central and eastern Polynesia; Hawaii and the Maori in Marginal Polynesia.The format of the text and selected illustrations is based on seventeen years of teaching African, North American Indian, and South Pacific art to undergraduate and graduate students at Herbert H. Lehman College (CUNY), New York University, and Columbia University. The book is intended for art history and anthropology students and the interested lay reader or collector. The detailed notes at the end of the book are for further study, research, and understanding of the tribal art style under discussion.

Table of Contents

* Introduction * Alaskan Eskimo Art and Art of the Northwest Coast * Art of the Southwestern United States * Art of the Woodlands Period and of the Mississippian Period, and Art of the Great Lakes and Plains * West African Art of Mali, the Ivory Coast, and Ghana * Art of Nigeria * Art of Central Africa * Australian Aboriginal and Island New Guinea Art * Art of Island Melanesia * Art of Polynesia

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George A Corbin