1st Edition

Natural Biomarkers for Cellular Metabolism Biology, Techniques, and Applications

Edited By Vladimir V. Ghukasyan, Ahmed A. Heikal Copyright 2015
    408 Pages 19 Color & 115 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    408 Pages 19 Color & 115 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    From the Lab to Clinical Settings—Advances in Quantitative, Noninvasive Optical Diagnostics

    Noninvasive fluorescence imaging techniques, novel fluorescent labels, and natural biomarkers are revolutionizing our knowledge of cellular processes, signaling and metabolic pathways, the underlying mechanisms for health problems, and the identification of new therapeutic targets for drug discoveries. Natural Biomarkers for Cellular Metabolism: Biology, Techniques, and Applications delves into the current state of knowledge on intrinsic fluorescent biomarkers and highlights recent developments in using these biomarkers for the metabolic mapping and clinical diagnosis of healthy and diseased cells and tissues.

    Autofluorescent Biomarkers for Biomedical Diagnostics

    The book’s first section introduces the fundamentals of cellular energy metabolism as well as natural biomarkers within the context of their biological functions. The second section outlines the theoretical and technical background of quantitative, noninvasive, autofluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy methods, including experimental design, calibration, pitfalls, and remedies of data acquisition and analysis. The last two sections highlight advances in biomedical and biochemical applications, such as monitoring stem cell differentiation in engineered tissues and diagnosing cancer and ophthalmic diseases quantitatively and noninvasively.

    Tailored to Interdisciplinary Researchers

    Covering cell biology, imaging techniques, and clinical diagnostics, this book provides readers with a complete guide to studying cellular/tissue metabolism under healthy, diseased, and environment-induced stress conditions using natural biomarkers. The book is designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, biophysics instructors, medical researchers, and those in pharmaceutical R&D.

    Biochemical, Biological, and Biophysical Background
    Mitochondria and Energy Metabolism: Networks, Mechanisms, and Control Ilmo E. Hassinen

    Intracellular Autof luorescent Species: Structure, Spectroscopy, and Photophysics Nobuhiro Ohta and Takakazu Nakabayashi

    Autofluorescence Imaging Techniques: Fundamentals and Applications
    One-Photon Autof luorescence Microscopy Narasimhan Rajaram and Nirmala Ramanujam

    Autofluorescence Lifetime Imaging Michael G. Nichols, Kristina Ward, Lyandysha V. Zholudeva, Heather Jensen Smith, and Richard Hallworth

    Polarization Imaging of Cellular Autofluorescence Harshad D. Vishwasrao, Qianru Yu, Kuravi Hewawasam, and Ahmed A. Heikal

    Real-Time In Vivo Monitoring of Cellular Energy Metabolism Avraham Mayevsky and Efrat Barbiro-Michaely

    Tryptophan as an Alternative Biomarker for Cellular Energy Metabolism Vinod Jyothikumar, Yuansheng Sun, and Ammasi Periasamy

    Alternative Approaches to Optical Sensing of the Redox State Yi Yang

    Natural Biomarkers for Biochemical and Biological Studies
    Spatiotemporal Detection of NADH-Linked Enzyme Activities in Single Cell Metabolism V. Krishnan Ramanujan

    NAD(P)H and FAD as Biomarkers for Programmed Cell Death Hsing-Wen Wang

    Monitoring Stem Cell Differentiation in Engineered Tissues Kyle P. Quinn and Irene Georgakoudi

    Autofluorescence as a Diagnostic Tool in Medicine and Health
    Autofluorescence-Assisted Examination of Cardiovascular System Physiology and Pathology Alzbeta Marcek Chorvatova

    Autofluorescence Perspective of Cancer Diagnostics Lin Z. Li and Nannan Sun

    Dynamic Imaging of Intracellular Coenzyme Autofluorescence in Intact Pancreatic Islets Alan K. Lam and Jonathan V. Rocheleau

    Autofluorescence Diagnostics of Ophthalmic Diseases Dietrich Schweitzer

    Pathogen Effects on Energy Metabolism in Host Cells Márta Szaszák and Jan Rupp



    Vladimir V. Ghukasyan is a research assistant professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Physiology and a director of the Confocal and Multiphoton Imaging Facility of the Neuroscience Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned a PhD in biology from the Institute of Biotechnology, Yerevan, Armenia, and completed postdoctoral training at the Institute of Biophotonics, Taipei, Taiwan.

    Ahmed A. Heikal is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Swenson College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth. His research interests in molecular and cellular biophysics were inspired by his work with Watt W. Webb as a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University. Dr. Heikal earned a PhD in applied physics from the California Institute of Technology under the supervision of Nobel Laureate Ahmed H. Zewail.