1st Edition

Natural History of Vampire Bats

By Arthur M. Greenhall Copyright 1988
    ISBN 9781315895819
    261 Pages
    Published December 8, 2017 by CRC Press

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    A major problem with vampire bats is that whatever information exists is scattered throughout the literature or is not recorded. There are some excellent books on the ecology and biology of bats with very little on vampire bats. This volume fills that gap to provide an in-depth presentation of these unique animals.

    1. Introduction to the Natural History of Vampire Bats 2. Systematics and Distribution 3. Paleontology 4. Genetics 5. Anatomy 6. Locomotion 7.Social Organization and Behavior 8. Reproduction 9. Feeding Behavior 10. Salivary Antihemostatic Factors 11. Orientation and Sensory Function in Desmodus rotundus 12. Transmission of Pathogenic Microorganisms by Vampire Bats 13. Parasites of Vampire Bats 14. Economic Losses due to Desmodus rotundus 15. Control of Vampire Bats 16. Care of Vampire Bats in Captivity 17. Man, Gods, and Legendary Vampire Bats


    Greenhall, Arthur M.

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