1st Edition

Natural Polymers Perspectives and Applications for a Green Approach

    336 Pages 12 Color & 127 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    336 Pages 12 Color & 127 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    336 Pages 12 Color & 127 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This new volume, Natural Polymers: Perspectives and Applications for a Green Approach, covers the synthesis, characterizations, and properties of natural polymeric systems, including their morphology, structure, and dynamics. It also introduces the most recent innovations and applications of natural polymers and their composites in the food, construction, electronics, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and engineering industries.

    Natural polymers provide a striking substitute for various applications as compared to synthetic polymers obtained from petrochemicals because they are biocompatible, biodegradable, easily available, and fall within the budget of many industries. The applications of natural polymers in pharmaceutical industries are large in comparison to synthetic polymers and are also wide in scope in the food and cosmetic industries. This new volume provides the information needed to design new applications for natural polymers.

    This book is a valuable reference for researchers, academicians, chemists, pharmacists, researchers, scientists, industrialists dealing with applications of natural polymers and people working in field of natural polymers.

    1. Polymeric Composites and Microplastics: Regulatory and Toxicological Perspectives

    V. P. Sharma

    2. Natural Polymers: Applications, Biocompatibility, and Toxicity

    N. S. Remya

    3. Development of Biocomposites from Industrial Discarded Fruit Fibers

    J. S. Binoj, R. Edwin Raj, and N. Manikandan

    4. Characteristics and Prospects of Controlled Release of Fertilizers Using Natural Polymers and Hydrogels

    Neetha John

    5. Chitosan Biopolymer for 3D Printing: A Comprehensive Review

    Dhileep Kumar Jayashankar, Sachin Sean Gupta, Rajkumar Velu, and Arunkumar Jayakumar

    6. Potential Applications of Chitosan-Based Sorbents in Nuclear Industry: A Review

    Anupkumar Bhaskarapillai

    7. Spray-Dried Chitosan and Alginate Microparticles for Application in Hemorrhage Control

    Srikant Suman, Sandarbh Kumar, Ritvesh Gupta, Akhil Bhimireddy, and Devendra Verma

    8. High-Intensity Ultrasonication (HIU) Effect on Sunn Hemp Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composite: A Physicochemical Treatment Toward Fiber

    Chinmayee Dash, Asim Das, and Dillip Kumar Bisoyi

    9. Tribological Behavior of Coconut Shell–Fly Ash–Epoxy Hybrid Composites: An Investigation

    Bibhu Prasad Ganthia, Maitri Mallick, Sushree Sasmita, Kaushik Utkal, and Ipsita Mohanty

    10. Cellulose Acetate-TiO2-Based Nanocomposite Flexible Films for Photochromic Applications

    T. Radhika

    11. Effect of Thermal Treatment on Structure and Properties of Plasticized Starch–Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Blend Films

    Subramaniam Radhakrishnan, Swapnil Thorat, Anagha Khare, and Malhar B. Kulkarni


    Jissy Jacob, Nandakumar Kalarikkal