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Unwelcome Harvest Agriculture and pollution

Unwelcome Harvest: Agriculture and pollution

1st Edition

By Gordon R. Conway, Jules N. Pretty
March 28, 2013

Agriculture Pollutes: pesticides can destroy wildlife and some are toxic to humans; some fungicides and herbicides cause cancer. Nitrates result in the contamination of drinking water and produce the risk of the �blue-baby� syndrome in infants and of stomach cancer in adults. Agriculture produces ...

Waterlogged Wealth Why waste the world's wet places?

Waterlogged Wealth: Why waste the world's wet places?

1st Edition

By Edward Maltby
October 01, 2009

Don't drain the swamp! Man's traditional response to swamps, marshes and bogs has been to drain them. But wetlands are not wastelands. Coastal marshes are among the world's most productive ecosystems. They make many commercial fisheries possible and protect coasts from floods and storm surges. ...

The Rural Economy and the British Countryside

The Rural Economy and the British Countryside

1st Edition

Edited By Paul Allanson, Martin Whitby
December 01, 1996

Mention of the British countryside commonly evokes visions of pastoral contentment; but the nature of rural Britain has changed dramatically since 1945. The declining importance of farming as a source of income and employment in the course of this century has undermined the simple identity of the ...

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