1st Edition

Natural Ventilation in the Urban Environment Assessment and Design

Edited By Francis Allard, Cristian Ghiaus Copyright 2005
    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    Throughout the world, there is an increasing interest in ecological design of buildings, and natural ventilation has proved to be the most efficient low-energy cooling technique. Its practical application, however, is hindered by the lack of information on the complex relationship between the building and its urban environment. In this book, a team of experts provide first-hand information and tools on the efficient use of natural ventilation in urban buildings. Key design principles are explained, enabling readers to decide on the best solution for natural ventilation of buildings, taking into account climate and urban context.In the initial sketches, architects need answers to open problems such as 'what kind of solution to adopt' and 'how to modify existing strategies to exploit the potential of the site'. This book formalizes the multi-criteria analysis of candidate solutions based on quantitative and qualitative estimation of the driving forces (wind and buoyancy), as well as of the barriers induced by the urban environment (wind speed reduction, noise and pollution) and gives a methodology for optimal design of openings. The book is accompanied by downloadable resources, containing software for assessing the potential of a given site, estimating wind speed and dimensioning the openings for natural ventilation. The methodologies and tools are tested, self-contained and user friendly.About the editorsThe editors, Cristian Ghiaus and Francis Allard, are affiliated with the University of La Rochelle, France. The authors and reviewers combine expertise from universities, research institutions and industry in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal and Switzerland.

    Energy in the Urban Built Environment: The Role of Natural Ventilation * The Role of Ventilation * The Physics of Natural Ventilation * Wind and Temperature in the Urban Environment * Noise Level and Natural Ventilation Potential in Street Canyons * Outdoor-Indoor Pollutant Transfer * Strategies for Natural Ventilation * Specific Devices for Natural Ventilation * The Design of Optimal Openings * Natural Ventilation Potential * Whole Life Costing of Ventilation Options *


    Francis Allard and Cristian Ghiaus, the editors, based at the University of La Rochelle in France, lead a team of authors who are internationally recognized experts in this field. BEST (Buildings, Energy and Solar Technology) Series Natural Ventilation in the Urban Environment is part of the BEST series, edited by Mat Santamouris. The aim of the series is to present the most current, high quality theoretical and application oriented material in the field of solar energy and energy efficient buildings. Leading international experts cover the strategies and technologies that form the basis of high-performance, sustainable buildings, crucial to enhancing our built and urban environment.