1st Edition

Naturally Occurring Phorbol Esters

Edited By Fred J. Evans Copyright 1986

    This book discusses the topic of naturally occurring phorbol esters. Chapters include; environmental hazards of diterpene esters from plants, multi-stage carcinogenesis and the biological effects of tumor promoters, review of the family euphorbiaceae, biosynthetic and chemosystematic aspects of the euphorbiacea and thymelaeaceae, non-diterpenoid constituents of euphorbiacea, macrocyclic diterpenes of the family euphorbiacea, phorbol: its esters and derivatives, the daphnane polyol esters, the ingenane polyol esters, and the biochemical mechanism of action of phorbol ester.

    1. Environmental Hazards Of Diterpene Esters From Plants 2. Multi-Stage Carcinogenesis And The Biological Effects Of Tumor Promoters 3. Review Of The Family Euphorbiaceae 4. Biosynthetic And Chemosystematic Aspects Of The Euphorbiacea And Thymelaeaceae 5. Non-Diterpenoid Constituents Of Euphorbiacea 6. Macrocyclic Diterpenes Of The Family Euphorbiacea 7. Phorbol: Its Esters And Derivatives 8. The Daphnane Polyol Esters 9. The Ingenane Polyol Esters 10. The Biochemical Mechanism Of Action Of Phorbol Ester


    Fred J. Evans