1st Edition

Nature and Health Physical Activity in Nature

Edited By Eric Brymer, Mike Rogerson, Jo Barton Copyright 2021
    280 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    280 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Experiences in nature are now recognised as being fundamental to human health and well-being. Physical activity in nature has been posited as an important well-being facilitator because the presence of nature augments the benefits of physical activity while also enhancing motivation and adherence. This volume brings together a mix of cutting edge ideas in research, theory and practice from a wide set of disciplines with the purpose of exploring interdisciplinary or trans-disciplinary approaches to understanding the relationship between physical activity in nature and health and well-being.

    Nature and Health: Physical Activity in Nature is structured to facilitate ease of use for the researcher, policy maker, practitioner or theorist. Section 1 covers research on physical activity in nature for a number of important health and well-being issues. Each chapter in this section considers how policy and practice might be shaped by current research findings and knowledge. Section 2 considers contemporary theoretical and conceptual understandings that help explain how physical activity in nature enhances health and well-being and also how best to design interventions and research. Section 3 provides examples of current approaches.

    This book is an ideal resource for both researchers and advanced students interested in designing future-proofed research, for policy makers interested in improving community well-being and for practitioners interested in best practice applications.

    1. Nature, Physical Activity and Health

    Mike Rogerson, Eric Brymer, and Jo Barton

    Part 1: Research on Physical Activity in Nature

    2. Understanding the Affective Benefits of Interacting with Nature

    Kathryn E. Schertz, Kimberly L. Meidenbauer and Marc G. Berman

    3. Green Exercise as A Potential Treatment Strategy for Type 2 Diabetes

    Matt Fraser

    4. Green Exercise: Actively Flourishing in Nature

    Otis Geddes and Holli-Anne Passmore

    5. Mind the Gap; On the Necessity of a Situational Taxonomy For Designing and Evaluating Gait Interventions

    Steven van Andel, Michael Cole, and Gert-Jan Pepping

    Part 2: Theoretical Approaches

    6. Resilience

    John F. Allan

    7. Phenomenology and Human Wellbeing in Nature: An Eco-Phenomenological Perspective

    Eric Brymer, Robert D Schweitzer and Harriet Louise Glab

    8. Developing Integrated Conceptual Green Exercise Models

    Claire Wicks, Jo Barton, and Mike Rogerson

    9. Physical Activity in Nature: An Ecological Dynamics Perspective

    Hsiao-Pu Yeh, Duarte Araújo, Eric Brymer and Keith Davids

    10. Physical Activity and Virtual Nature: Perspectives on the Health and Behavioural Benefits of Virtual Green Exercise

    Giovanna Calogiuri, Sigbjørn Litleskare Fred Fröhlich

    11. Emerging Psychological Well-Being Frameworks for Adventure Recreation, Education and Tourism

    Susan Houge Mackenzie

    12. In Vivo Nature Exposure as a Positive Psychological Intervention: A Review of the Impact of Nature Interventions on Well-Being

    Jillian T. Hunt, Andrew J. Howell, and Holli-Anne Passmore

    Part 3: Real-world Application

    13. Care Farms: A Health Promoting Context for a Wide Range of Client Groups

    Simone de Bruin,Jan Hassink, Lenneke Vaandrager, Bram de Boer, Hilde Verbeek, Ingeborg Pedersen, Grete Grindal Patil, Lina H. Ellingsen-Dalskau, and Siren Eriksen

    14. The Next Frontier: Wilderness Therapy and the Treatment of Complex Trauma

    Will W. Dobud, Graham Pringle and Nevin J. Harper

    15. What Can We Learn About Nature, Physical Activity and Health from Parkrun?

    Gareth Wiltshire Stephanie Merchant

    16. Students’ Appropriation of Space in Education Outside the Classroom. Some Aspects on Physical Activity and Health from a Pilot Study with 5th-Graders in Germany

    Christoph Mall, Jakob von Au and Ulrich Dettweiler

    17. Outdoor and Adventurous Activities in Supporting Wounded, Injured and Sick Military Personnel and Veterans

    Christopher William Philip Kay and Rebecca Jena Sutton

    18. Implications, Impact and Future Directions: Translation into Wider Policy and Practice

    Jo Barton, Mike Rogerson, and Eric Brymer


    Eric Brymer is a Reader in the School of Sport and Head of Person-Environment Research Lab at Leeds-Beckett university, UK. He is a behavioral scientist who specializes in researching the reciprocal nature of health and wellbeing from nature-based experiences. Eric collaborates with multidisciplined teams across the world and holds research positions in health, exercise and outdoor studies in the UK, Europe and Australia.

    Mike Rogerson is a Lecturer in the School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences at the University of Essex, UK. He is a sport and exercise psychologist with expertise in the role of environments for exercise behaviors, experiences and outcomes.

    Jo Barton is a Reader in the School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences at the University of Essex, UK. She is a Sport and Exercise Scientist and leading expert in ‘green exercise’, analyzing how exercise settings shape behaviours and health outcomes.