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    'Nature' is perhaps the most contested term in the social sciences. It has a huge variety of possible meanings, and an equally great number of implications as to what human life actually is and how it should be studied. Questions frequently raised include: What is 'nature'? What is 'human nature'? How does mankind act upon, change, manipulate and otherwise alter the 'natural world', and what might the consequences be thereof? How does the 'natural world' impinge upon human life? What are the moral and ethical issues involved in the areas just mentioned?

    Containing the main contributions that have been made within this field of study, these fascinating volumes include a new introduction that places the articles in their historical and intellectual context, as well as an extensive index and chronological table of contents.

    Previous titles in the series include Tourism (0-415-24364-5) 2004, 4 volumes and Material Culture (0-415-26718-8) May 2004, 5 volumes. Forthcoming titles include Political Geography (0-415-33210-9) June 2005, 4 volumes and Economic Geography (0-415-33841-7) 2005, 5 volumes.

    Volume I: Thinking the Natural. Volume II: The Nature of 'Human Nature'. Volume III: From 'Nature' to Natures': Contestation and Reconstruction.Volume IV: Reconfiguring the Social/Natural Interface.