1st Edition

Navigating Friendships in Interaction Discursive and Ethnographic Perspectives

Edited By Cade Bushnell, Stephen J. Moody Copyright 2024
    280 Pages 96 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Bushnell and Moody present a rich investigation into the navigation of friendships, adopting discursive and ethnographic perspectives to examine Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English interactional data.

    Since the definition of friendship is hard to pin down, most sociocultural anthropologists have tended to focus on issues of kinship and descent, while leaving friendship as a residual or interstitial issue. However, this book puts friendship as the central focus and offers unique perspectives from the participants themselves. The interactional work implicated in the accomplishment of making and being friends, and the trials and tribulations of friendship, are both explored through the many detailed analyses showing how the participants navigate the calm and rough waters of friendship in and through their everyday interactions.

    Researchers, undergraduates, and postgraduate students in the fields of conversation analysis, pragmatics, and other social sciences will benefit from the real-life examples in the book as well as the analysis.

    Navigating friendships in interaction: Introduction

    Stephen J. Moody and Cade Bushnell

    1. Doing "being friends" in conversation-for-learning: From language learner-tutor to buddies

    Younhee Kim

    2. "Awkward moments" during first-time informal online ELF interaction and their social relational consequences

    Yusuke Okada and Aki Siegel

    3. Getting to know you: A microethnograpy of "(not) making friends" in first-time interactions in Japanese

    Cade Bushnell

    4. Social relationships and institutional roles: Categorizing "novice" and "expert" in foreign language housing

    Stephen J. Moody

    5. Voicing the belonging: Joking practices with deviant Japanese among international students at a Japanese university

    Ayumi Inouchi

    6. Pointing out shared commonalities: An investigation into pointing-initiated affiliative sequences as interactional co-displays of friendship

    Drew Spain

    7. Togetherness to build friendship: Rhythmic synchrony through mutual reactions in Japanese multi-party interaction

    Ayako Namba

    8. "She says she’s going to buy leather boots": Displays of (dis)affiliation in friends’ responses to reported complaints

    Yujong Park

    9. There is no love among us: Jocular mockery in Chinese mealtime conversation

    Yeming Chu

    10. "Ijiri" as a poetic ritual of bonding among Japanese college soccer club members

    Risako Ide, Haruka Sakai, Toshiyuki Aoyama and Sho Tashima

    11. Say that to my face: Maintaining an intimate relationship after face threatening through negative evaluation

    Hironori Sekizaki

    12. "Feeling close" while "being close"? Toward integrating discursive approaches with evolutionary perspectives on friendships

    Masataka Yamaguchi


    Cade Bushnell is an Associate Professor of International and Advanced Japanese Studies at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. He has a PhD in East Asian languages and literatures (Japanese linguistics) from the University of Hawai‘i.

    Stephen J. Moody is an Associate Professor of Asian and Near Eastern Languages at Brigham Young University, Utah. He has a PhD in East Asian languages and literatures from the University of Hawai‘i.