1st Edition

Navigating Leadership Evidence-Based Strategies for Leadership Development

    280 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    280 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Navigating Leadership provides evidence-based tools and recommendations to develop your leadership successfully. The book integrates knowledge in the areas of leadership and followership from evidenced-based global research and translates the findings into suggestions for organizational best-practices.

    Am I leader? How can I grow as a leader? How am I doing as leader? How can I move on and let go of leadership? In a changing world of work, people are confronted with these questions about their leadership every day. This book considers such topics as reflecting on goals, impostorism, memory, experiencing meaningfulness at work , measuring leader performance and the challenge of leaving leadership, to offer ideas and answers to these questions of what it means to be a leader and how you can thrive on your own personal leadership journey. Each chapter provides a range of applied cases, tools and techniques, and critical commentaries to help uncover your leader identity, address personal challenges, and accelerate your leadership development.

    Addressing the persistent gap between research and practice in leadership and followership through research-practice translation, this is the ideal resource for professionals, at both an individual and organizational level, looking to support and increase leadership development. It will also appeal to scholars and students of leadership, followership, and leader identities.

    1. Navigating Leadership: From Science to Practice
    Susanne Braun, Tiffany Keller Hansbrough, Gregory A. Ruark, Rosalie J. Hall, Robert G. Lord, and Olga Epitropaki

    2. Lead Today, Follow Tomorrow? How to Manage the Ebb and Flow of Leader and Follower Identities
    Karolina W. Nieberle, Bryan P. Acton, Yue (Angelique) Fu, Robert G. Lord and Susanne Braun

    3. Becoming a Leader? Reflect on Your Goals
    Markku Jokisaari and Elisa Adriasola

    4. Behind the Mask: How to Tackle Challenges of Leadership Impostorism
    Timothy Holmes, Nora Berghoff and Ronit Kark

    5. Unlocking Your Leadership Adaptability Through Career Diversification
    Lanyue Fan, Yanjun Guan, Robert G. Lord and Rosalie J. Hall

    6. Feeling Torn as a Leader? Reconcile Your Identities to Make Your Work More Meaningful
    Paola Gatti, Yuyan Zheng and Olga Epitropaki

    7. Memory, Language and Feedback: Keys to Successful Leadership Development
    Tiffany Keller Hansbrough, Fabrice Delice and Roseanne J. Foti

    8. The Effects of What You Remember and What You Know on Leadership Processes: How Memory Works, How We Access What We Know, and the Role of Identity Levels
    Robert G. Lord, Rosalie J. Hall, Paola Gatti, Xiaotong (Janey) Zheng and Richard H. Morgan

    9. Solving the Leadership Shortage: Helping Your Employees Thrive Bolsters Leadership Success
    Stefanie K. Johnson, Susan Elaine Murphy, Ryan Brown and Kirsten Westmoreland

    10. From the Battlefield to Boardroom: How to Measure Leader Performance
    Meghan I. Huntoon and Alexander P. Wind

    11. From My Cold, Dead Hands: The Challenge of Leaving Leadership
    Laura Guillén, Sarah Wittman, Jacob Johnson and Alexandra Scott

    12. Conclusion
    Susanne Braun, Tiffany Keller Hansbrough, Gregory A. Ruark, Rosalie J. Hall, Robert G. Lord, and Olga Epitropaki


    Susanne Braun is Professor in Leadership and Associate Dean (Postgraduate Research Students) at Durham University Business School, Durham University, United Kingdom.

    Tiffany Keller Hansbrough is Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior and Co-Director of the Bass Center for Leadership Studies, School of Management, Binghamton University, United States.

    Gregory A. Ruark is Program Manager for Social Sciences at the Army Research Office, DEVCOM ARL, United States.

    Robert G. Lord is Professor (Emeritus) in Leadership at Durham University Business School, Durham University, United Kingdom. He was a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Akron, United States, for 38 years.

    Rosalie J. Hall is Professor (Emeritus) of Management at Durham University Business School, Durham University, United Kingdom.

    Olga Epitropaki is Professor in Management, Deputy Executive Dean (Research), at Durham University Business School, Durham University, United Kingdom.

    "Am I leader? To whom am I a leader? Should I even want to be a leader? Should others want me to be a leader? What self-aspects best exemplify my leadership? This book encourages its readers to start pulling the threads that unravel their implicit leader identity while simultaneously reweaving the tapestry towards a more explicit leader identity. Don’t expect to simply sit back with a good cup of tea ready to be info-trained, this book challenges you to question and revise your preconceptions - so put on your workout headband instead and get ready to flex your leadership muscles."

    Hannes Leroy, Professor in Leadership Development and Academic Director of the Erasmus Center for Leadership, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    "This edited volume is a unique collaboration between scholars from many parts of the world, and across the spectrum from seasoned, recognized leadership experts to newer scholars with fresh perspectives. It dispels the myth that leadership is not a science, sharing evidence-based but also clearly practical findings that will benefit the leaders of today and tomorrow."

    Jenny M. Hoobler, Professor, NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal, and Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Psychology.

    "Navigating Leadership represents the fruits of a multiyear international collaboration among a group of renown leadership scholars. The chapters translate what is known from the science of leadership into tangible recommendations and practical tools to help enhance and accelerate a leader’s development. Leadership matters and the chapter authors explain in accessible and evidence-based ways why it matters and how to use their insights to help oneself or others become a more effective leader."

    David V. Day, Professor, Claremont McKenna College, USA. 

    "This guide to developing one's identity, skills, and purpose as a leader brings together world-class scholarship, evidence-based teaching, and reality-driven examples. Navigating Leadership is a useful guide for those who teach leadership and those continuing to learn it."

    Dolly Chugh, Professor, NYU Stern School of Business, USA, and Author of The Person You Mean To Be and A More Just Future.