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Negotiating Territoriality Spatial Dialogues Between State and Tradition

    270 Pages
    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

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    This edited collection disrupts dominant narratives about space, states, and borders, bringing comparative ethnographic and geographic scholarship in conversation with one another to illuminate the varied ways in which space becomes socialized via political, economic, and cognitive appropriation. Societies must, first and foremost, do more than wrangle over ownership and land rights — they must dwell in space. Yet, historically the interactions between the state’s territorial imperative with previous forms of landscape management have unfolded in a variety of ways, including top-down imposition, resistance, and negotiation between local and external actors. These interactions have resulted in hybrid forms of territoriality, and are often fraught with fundamentally different perceptions of landscape. This book foregrounds these experiences and draws attention to situations in which different social constructions of space and territory coincide, collide, or overlap. Each ethnographic case in this volume presents forms of territoriality that are contingent upon contested histories, politics, landscape, the presence or absence of local heterogeneity and the involvement of multiple external actors with differing motivations — ultimately all resulting in the potential for conflict or collaboration and divergent implications for conceptions of community, autochthony and identity.

    1. Negotiating Territoriality: Spatial Dialogues Between State and Tradition  Ismael Vaccaro, Allan Charles Dawson and Laura Zanotti  Europe  2. Between Communal Herding and State Parcellation: The Conflicting Territorialities of the Spanish Pyrenees  Oriol Beltran and Ismael Vaccaro  3. Highland Sanctuary and the State: Mountains as a Political Category in Mediterranean History  Antonio Sorge  4. The Invention of Terroirs, a Social Image for French Luxury Goods: Imagining Burgundy and Its Wines in the Inter-War Years  Gilles Laferte  5. "None of Us Could Have Been Against Consolidation in Principle": A Short History of Market and Policy Failure in Central Eastern Europe  Andrew Cartwright  6. Developing Discursive Ground: Exploring Activism and Territoriality in Slovakia’s Environmental Movement from Communism to Cyberspace  Edward Snajdr  Settler and Mestizo Societies  7. Contested Border Crossings: Territorialities in the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon  Diana Steele and Laura Zanotti  8. Re-Territorialization and Rule in the United States: Insights from Conflict over the Management of Public Land  Julie Brugger  9. Territoriality, Traditionality and Transformation in the Context of an Australian Native Title Claim  Katie Glaskin  10. Territory to State: Law, Power, and Water in New Mexico  Eric P. Perramond and K. Maria D. Lane  Postcolonial Societies  11. Ancestors Shape the Land: Chieftaincy and Territoriality in Northern Ghana  Allan Charles Dawson  12. Debating Belonging on Contested Land: Cultural Politics and Territoriality in Rural Kenya  Scott Matter  13. Negotiating Territoriality in Eritrean Refugee Resettlement: Agrarian History, Mobile Livelihoods, and State-Making  Amanda Poole  14. Insularity and Interconnection: Competing Territorial Imaginaries in the Marshall Islands  Peter Rudiak-Gould and Jessica A. Schwartz  15. On the Threshold of Urban Hong Kong: Liminal Territoriality in New Kowloon  Alan Smart and Tang Wing Shing


    Allan Dawson is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Drew University.

    Laura Zanotti is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Purdue University.

    Ismael Vaccaro is Associate Professor of Anthropology at McGill University.