1st Edition

Negotiation Theory and the EU The State of the Art

Edited By Andreas Dür, Gemma Mateo, Daniel Thomas Copyright 2011
    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    Negotiations are central to the ethos and functioning of the European Union, yet the dynamics of EU negotiations have received far too little systematic scholarly attention. This volume offers a thematic and forward-looking survey of cutting-edge research on EU negotiation dynamics, identifying findings to date and setting an empirical and methodological agenda for future research.

    The chapters by leading international experts address a wide range of critical questions in this area, including: What factors influence negotiation behaviour and outcomes in the EU? How can we explain variation in the choice of negotiation styles? When do actors engage in arguing or bargaining? What are the determinants of bargaining power? What are the institutional foundations of EU negotiations? And what role does the presidency play in EU negotiations? The volume also discusses how the findings of the multi-disciplinary field of ‘negotiation studies’ can inform research on negotiation dynamics in the EU.

    The volume will be of great interest to established scholars and advanced students of international relations, European integration and governance, and negotiation analysis.

    This book was based on a special issue of  Journal of European Public Policy.

    1. Negotiation Theory and the EU: The State of the Art  Andreas Dür, Gemma Mateo and Daniel C. Thomas

    2. Three Islands of Knowledge about Negotiation in International Organizations  John S. Odell, University of Southern California

    3. Explaining the Institutional Foundations of European Union Negotiations  Jonas Tallberg, University of Stockholm

    4. The Impact of Institutional Environments on Negotiation Styles in EU Decision Making  Jeffrey Lewis, Cleveland State University

    5. Between Bargaining and Deliberation: Decision-Making in the Council of the European Union  Andreas Warntjen, University of Twente

    6. Actor Characteristics and Negotiation Tactics in the EU  Andreas Dür and Gemma Mateo

    7. Issue Characteristics, Issue Linkage, and States’ Choice of Bargaining Strategies in the European Union  Heather E. McKibben, University of California, Davis

    8. Deliberation in Negotiations  Thomas Risse, Free University Berlin and Mareike Kleine, London School of Economics and Political Science

    9. (How) Do Norms Guide Presidency Behaviour in EU Negotiations?  Arne Niemann, University of Amsterdam and Jeannette Mak

    10. What Factors Determine Bargaining Power and Success in EU Negotiations?  Stephanie Bailer, University of Zurich


    Andreas Dür is Professor of International Politics at the University of Salzburg.

    Gemma Mateo is Research Fellow at the University of Salzburg.

    Daniel C. Thomas is Associate Professor of European Governance and Director of the Dublin European Institute at University College Dublin.