1st Edition

Negritos of Malaya

By Ivor H N Evans Copyright 1968

    Published in 1968, Negritos of Malaya is an important contribution to the History Field.

    Preface, I The Geography and Development of the Malay Peninsula. Negrito Distribution and Habitat, II Numbers, Health, Territories, III Groups, Group Names, Government, IV Intercourse with Malays and Foreigners, V General Appearance, Personal Character, VI Dwellings, VII Household Utensils, Food, Cooking, Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing, Narcotics, Fire-Making, VIII Clothing, Ornaments, Hairdressing, IX Face-Painting, Mutilations, Tattooing, X Weapons-the Bow and Arrow and the Blowpipe, XI Weapons Dart-quivers, Darts, Shooting with the Blowpipe, the Poison and its Effects, XII Musical Instruments, Singing, Dancing, XIII Negrito Art, XIV The Negrito Deities, XV The Negrito Deities, XVI The Creation of the World, the Origin of the Negritos, the Sun, the Moon, the Rainbow, Rain, XVII Thunder, Lightning, Tabus and Punishment Tales, XVIII The Pillar that Supports the Heavens, XIX The Shaman, XX The Shaman, XXI Various Folk-lore Beliefs and Customs, XXII Folk-Tales, XXIII Birth, Naming, Marriage, Relationship Tabus, etc, XXIV The Afterworld, XXV Death and Burial, XXVI Linguistics, XXVII Bodily Powers and Physical Anthropology, Appendix, Index, MAP


    Ivor Evan