1st Edition

Neorealism Versus Strategic Culture

By John Glenn Copyright 2004
    295 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    The debate between Neorealists and Strategic Culturalists centres on whether it is possible to explain/predict state behaviour without taking into account the particular characteristics of the state, such as its historical experiences, geographical context and cultural constitution. This informative debate is encapsulated in the first section of the book, which considers the theoretical issues raised by both Neorealism and Strategic Culture. These issues are then explored in the second section by assessing their relevance to six country case studies: Australia, Germany, India, Japan, Nigeria and Russia.

    Contents: Part I: Theoretical Overview: Introduction; Neorealism, John Glenn and Darryl Howlett; Strategic culture, Stuart Poore. Part II: The Case Studies: India, Marcus Kim; Nigeria, David Francis; Japan, Yuri Kase; Australia, Stuart Poore; Russia, John Glenn; Germany, Sameera Dalvi; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


    John Glenn