Network Security and Communication Engineering : Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Network Security and Communication Engineering (NSCE 2014), Hong Kong, December 25–26, 2014 book cover
1st Edition

Network Security and Communication Engineering
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Network Security and Communication Engineering (NSCE 2014), Hong Kong, December 25–26, 2014

Edited By

Kennis Chan

ISBN 9781138028210
Published April 6, 2016 by CRC Press
688 Pages

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Book Description

The conference on network security and communication engineering is meant to serve as a forum for exchanging new developments and research progresss between scholars, scientists and engineers all over the world and providing a unique opportunity to exchange information, to present the latest results as well as to review the relevant issues on contemporary research in network security and communication engineering. Young scientists were especially encouraged to attend the conference and to establish an international network between each other and with senior scientists attending the meeting.
In recent years, network security has become more important in all aspects of life and society; from business to politics, the essential value of network security is shown everywhere. The appearance of Internet marked the beginning of the age of communication engineering. The growing influence of communication engineering has become more and more apparent in people’s work and life.
More than 180 scientists and researchers from more than 15 countries attended the meeting. Articles were divided into sessions: network and system security; grid and cloud computing; networking algorithms and performance evaluation; multimedia, signal and image processing; wireless communications and sensor networks.

Table of Contents

Organizing committee

Network and system security

A privacy amplification protocol against active attacks in information theoretically secret key agreement 3
Q.H. Wang, X.J. Wang, Q.Y. Lv & X.Y. Ye
Zero knowledge proof protocol from Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems 7
S.P. Wang, B. Yue & Y.L. Zhang
Protect the semantic network identity: Attribute-based searchable encryption over routing in named data network 11
X.H. Jiang & Q.M. Huang
Choosing a method for generating one-time passwords and an information transport technology in the authentication system for AC S 15
A.Y. Iskhakov, R.V. Meshcheryakov & I.A. Hodashinsky
Research and design of network security coordinated recovery system 19
J. Xia, L.T. Jiao, S.S. Zhao & L.T. Li
Mandatory access control scheme based on security label for state power control system 25
K.L. Gao, Z.M. Guo, Z.H. Wang & X.P. Li
The complete cyclic structure of the RSA cryptosystem 31
H. Suzuki, H. Yasuoka & K. Matsushita
A Weighted Secret Sharing Scheme based on the CRT and RSA 39
X.D. Dong & X.P. Jing
Study on the method of intrusion detection cluster combined FCM with BP optimized by GA 45
G.Y. Chen, X.Q. Pan, Y.C. Cao, R.X. Li & N. Sun
An automatic network protocol reverse engineering method for vulnerability discovery 49
X.H. Wu, H.T. Ma & D.F. Gu
The new method of security development for web services based on Moving Target Defense (MTD) technologies 55
M. Styugin
CVDE based industrial system dynamic vulnerability assessment 59
X.Q. Zhang & M.J. Chen
An improved cloud-based privacy preserving approach for secure PHR access 65
D. Sangeetha & V. Vaidehi
Measurement of operational risk based on α-stable distribution 69
W.Q. Wang, Y.N. Sheng & X.D. Liu
The expected value management mechanism based on certificate system 75
X.K. Zheng, H. Zhang, S. Peng & L. Song
Security defense model of Modbus TCP communication based on Zone/Border rules 79
W.L. Shang, L. Li, M. Wan & P. Zeng
Permissions abuse detection for android platform based on droidbox 87
S.Q. Wang, H.T. Ma & X.H. Wu
DroidMonitor: A high-level programming model for dynamic API monitoring on android 93
D. Liang, R. Chen & H.Y. Sun
Application of a security protocol to wireless multiple access systems 97
A. Kim
Improved energy detector against Malicious Primary User Emulation Attack in cognitive radio network 101
J.X. Yang, Y.B. Chen, G.Y. Yang, M.X. Zhao & X.J. Dong
Implementing variable length Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) with fixed high frequency (1.44 GHz) via Vertix-7 FPGA family 105
Q.A. Al-Haija, N.A. Jebril & A. Al-Shua’ibi
The software trusted measurement with expected value 109
Z.H. Wang, L.B. Wu, Z.M. Guo & X.P. Li
The security protection system design for the state grid with trusted computing technology 115
B.L. Yang, H. Zhang & B.H. Zhao
Grid and cloud computing
Cloud storage security 123
T. Galibus & H.E.R.M. Vissia
An elasticity evaluation model for cloud storage system 127
X.N. Zhao, Z.H. Li & X. Zhang
Exploring a framework of a cloud-assisted peer-to-peer live streaming 133
L.Z. Cui, G.H. Li, L.L. Sun & N. Lu
Privacy-preserving data sharing with anonymity in the cloud 137
Z.M. Zhu, R. Jiang & H.F. Kong
An E-learning system based on cloud computing 141
S.S. Cheng, Z.G. Xiong & X.M. Zhang
Digital forensic investigation of dropbox cloud storage service 147
A.C. Ko & W.T. Zaw
Cloud based material management system for small-medium size printing companies in China 151
P. Fang & Y.B. Zhang
Mobile cloud platform for big data analytic 155
N.W. Win & T. Thein
Latency-aware interrupt rate control for network I/O virtualization 159
Z.Y. Qian
Research of a high power factor mobile phone charger based on L6561 and TinySwitch 163
D.J. Chen
Research on text classification based on inverted-index in cloud computing data center 167
G.Y. Yang, L. Chen & B. Meng
Rehabilitation for hearing-impaired children pronunciation system based on cloud application architectures 173
L.J. Shi, J. Zhao & H.W. Qin
Networking algorithms and performance evaluation
Self-learning method for industrial firewall rules based on hash algorithm 179
Y.Q. Lei, W.L. Shang, M. Wan & P. Zeng
Intrusion detectors design with self-configuring multi-objective genetic algorithm 185
E.A. Sopov & I.A. Panfilov
A novel EM algorithm for stable optimum 189
Y. Xiao, G.R. Xuan, Z.Q. Yang & Y.Q. Shi
Survey and analysis of digital watermarking algorithms on HEVC video coding standard 193
A.A. Elrowayati & M.F.L. Abdullah
An improved SRDI imaging algorithm 197
B.P. Wang, X.T. Wang, Y. Fang, Y.L. Lan & H. Wang
Register one-to-one mapping strategy in Dynamic Binary Translation 201
Y.N. Cui, J.M. Pang, Z. Shan & F. Yue
Fuzzy classification and implementation methods for text advertisements in Weibo 205
X.H. Xu & X.Y. Yang
Optimization of depth-first search for smart grid 211
X.Z. Hou, H.L. Sun, S.Q. Liu, Y.G. Li, C.X. Yang & J.T. Cai
Operational risk measurement based on POT -Copula 215
Power allocation based on average BER for two-relay three-hop cooperative communications 219
X.F. Lan, J. Zhang & Y.X. Ma
The comprehensive carrying capacity assessment of lands in Jing-Jin-Ji region based on projection pursuit approach 223
X.D. Liu, S. Chen, C. Liu, & X. Gao
A Study about LS-SVM’s application in RFID-based indoor positioning 227
J. Xue, L.T. Li, J.W. Xu & L.T. Jiao
Paragraph reconstruction for postscript documents with complex layout 233
M.N. Zhang, M.Y. Li, W. Wang & Z. Yu
High performance load balancer for restful web service 237
X.D. Wu, J.CH. Zhong & X.Y. Li
A two-level mixed service polling model with batch arrival 241
Z. Guan, Y.Q. Wang & W.H. Qian
Separation and reception of sub-chip multipath components 247
X.G. Zhang, Y.J. Sun, Y. Guo & L.L. Li
A multi-mode jammer frequency synthesizer designed based on the DDS & PLL hybrid method 251
Y.K. Li & Y.C. Wang
The symbolic method for time series based on mean and slope 255
Y. Wang & Y. Su
Coefficient of variations on SDP matrix – a new feature for discriminating between explosion and earthquake 261
H.M. Huang, Y. Tian, X.H. Shi & C.J. Zhao
Improved SURF algorithm based on proportional distance and angle for static sign language recognition 265
Y. Wang, M.Z. Yang & Y. Luo
A hybrid CPU-MIC parallel Gaussian elimination algorithm for solving Gröbner bases in binary field 271
M. Zhu, B. Tang, J. Zhao, H. Xia & J.C. Li
Carrier frequency offset estimation of utilizing Subcarrier Residual Power for OFDM systems over time-varying multipath fading channel 277
F.C. Wu, T.C. Chen, W.J. Li & T.T. Lin
The feature extraction of the text based on the deep learning 281
X. Chen, S.F. Li & Y.F. Wang
The study on urban residential land allocation optimization model 287
W. Zhou & L.T. Jiao
Random walks for link prediction in networks with nodes attributes 291
Y.X. Chen & L. Chen
Similarity propagation based link predictionin bipartite networks 295
F.Y. Yao & L. Chen

Multimedia, signal and image processing

Electricity information collection system design based on WiMAX over 230 MHz dedicated frequency band 301
Z.T. Lai
Video semantic classification based on ELM and multi-features fusion 305
P. Li & H. Wang
A study of the teaching methodology of digital signal processing 309
Z.H. Dong, Y. Li, D.Z. Mu & Y.J. Tang
Detecting image authenticity based on Lambert illumination model and shadows 313
S.J. Fang & H.Y. Ge
Visualized system of location-based sandstone landforms 317
J. Ma & Z.Q. Yu
An imaging retrieval method based on block color texture and relevance feedback 323
B.P. Wang, Y.L. Lan, X.T. Wang & H. Wang
E-Learningization of computer science: From bytes to typeset 329
B. Barrett
A measurement study of Google Hangouts video calls 333
Y.L. Wang, X. Zhang & W.D. He
Using SOA and Web 2.0 in web service applications 339
M.C. Huang
Current–mode signal processing based OTA design for multimedia data transmission 343
J.-U. Kim, S.-D. Yeo, D.-H. Kim, G.-M. Lee & S.-K. Kim
Optimal switching intermittency correlations of information complexes DNA for fractal
networks Shannon entropy inside living cells 347
N.E. Galich
A unified decoding method of system combination based on forest 351
Y.P. Liu & C.G. Ma
Adaptive anti-interference encoding strategy based on IMS 357
M. Zhou & C.Y. Zhou
The design of 474~858 MHz signal strip line directional coupler 361
Q.Y. Ma & Y.L. Guan
Impact of partially coherent X-ray source on clinical phase contrast imaging 365
X.L. Zhang, J. Yang, T. Xia & S. Liu
Azimuth multi-angle spaceborne sar imaging mode for moving target indication 371
Y.M. Wang, J. Chen & W. Yang
Travel mode shares comparative analysis and policy suggestion 375
Y.B. Zhang, H.P. Lu & Y. Li
Ontology modeling for knowledge management in printing company 379
L. Wei, Y.B. Zhang, W.M. Zhang, X.H. Wang & M.J. Xu
Speaker adaptive real-time Korean single vowel recognition for an animation producing 383
H.K. Yun, S.M. Hwang & B.H. Song

Data mining

Database-based online call graph tool applications 391
W.Z. Sun, D. Jia, Y. Xiang & R.D. Cao
Research on the correlation of Shanghai composite index and the S&P500 index based on  M-Copula-EGARCH 395
C. Liu, X. Gao, H. Pan, J.H. Li, & X.D. Liu
Big data for the Norwegian maritime industry 399
H. Wang, A. Karlsen & P. Engelseth
A business metadata modeling approach for data integration based on SDMX 403
H. Ge & R.N. Rao
SQL injection attacks manual steps and defense 409
Y.L. Wang & B. Zhang
Real estate appraisal model based on Ann and its application 413
W.Q. Wang, W.H. Dong & X.D. Liu
Manufacturing information model for design for manufacturing 417
H.J. Liu, Q.M. Fan & B. Chen
Design of Momordica grosvenor E-commerce platform 421
Y. Liu, Y. Deng, Z.Z. Jiang & J.L. Jiang
The impact of oil price shocks on Vietnam’s stock market 425
D.T. Le & Q. Zhang
Formal verification of concurrency errors in JavaScript web applications 431
N. Bhooanusas & D. Pradubsuwun
The impact of import on economic growth: Evidence from China 437
X.D. Liu & J. Zhang
A log ontology learning approach to discover non-taxonomic relationships between events 441
D.Z. Wang, M. Sun & B. Chen
A formal study of event ontology assertion elements 445
P.F. Xia, Z.T. Liu & F.J. Liu
New similarity measure for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets 451
J.H. Park, Y.C. Kwun & J.H. Koo
Experiments and numerical analysis of flow rate in unstably stratified field 455
M. Fumizawa, Y. Saito & N. Uchiyama
Configurable formula calculation tool design based on tagged data structure 459
G.Q. Wang, S.Y. Long, P. Shao, W.Z. Zhang & Y.T. Zhao
Study on the efficiency of data sharing among Windows multi-process 463
Z. Wu & Q.Z. Jia
Distribution of wages and industrial agglomeration: Evidence from China 467
Y.M. Song
Mining user behavior patterns in massive open online courses 475
X.Y. Wu & P. Wang
The impact of XBRL classification criteria on accounting conservatism—an example of the wholesale and retail trade 479
R.Y. Hu & F.Y. Hu
Quantitative factor analysis in evaluating the satisfaction degree of teaching effects 485
Z.Y. Tang & Q.F. Yang

Wireless communications and sensor networks

Controlling algorithm for energy consumption of radio bandwidth to manage coverage area problem 491
K.A. Marsal & I. Abdullah
A workflow hierarchical system modeling approach for dust concentration network sensor 495
X.Z. Cheng, P. Wang, X.Z. Bai, Y.J. Yu, J.H. Liu & L.W. Cui
Network communication based on 6LoWPAN and ZigBee 499
F. Di, B.Q. Luo & Z.X. Sun
Feature reconstruction based on compressed information in cognitive radio networks 505
S.Y. Liu, Y. Zhao, Z. Sun, S.S. Wang & X.T. Chen
Electric field intensity calculation method of vertical antenna using wireless ad hoc network 509
X.Z. Hou, H.L. Sun, Y.G. Li, C.X. Yang, L. Tang & J.D. Zhou
Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital converter used for high-speed communication 515
Y.H. Gao, D.B. Fu, G.B. Chen & Z.P. Zhang
Chaotic communication with new boss map for the ultra-high reliability in wireless communications 521
J.H. Lee, C.Y. An, B.J. Kim & H.G. Ryu
A routing protocol for two-level clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks 525
A. Ali Omar, C.G. Yu, W. Sagong, H. Park, C.G. Kim & M. Wu
A compact 13-port circularly polarized antennas for MIMO communication systems 529
D.J. Lee, S.J. Lee, S.T. Khang & J.W. Yu
WebRTC based remote rehabilitation guidance system 533
Q.H. Shi, J. Zheng, W. Wang, Y. Wu & Z.J. Yan
Fast sparse compressive sensing based on the wavelet package hierarchical trees 537
J.X. Chen, T.M. Wang, W.L. Niu & L.J. Du
Laser refractive surgery: New materials and methods and optimal market strategies 541
V. Kalashnikov, J. de Jesus Rocha Salazar, M.D. Mariya Kalashnikova & M.D. Oksana Beda
Application of integrated network storage architecture in digital campus construction 545
H.Y. Ge & J.T. Zhang
Analysis and research on information management of SME based on BPR method 549
Z.X. Lu, Y. Han & R.M. Wang
FPGA-based Kalman filtering for motor control 553
A.M. Romanov & B.V. Slaschov
Using narrow-band communications technologies, increase of radio resource utilization 557
S.Q. Liu, X.Z. Hou, H.L. Sun, Y.G. Li, C.X. Yang & J.D. Zhou
Non-uniformity spatial sensitivity of an electrostatic sensor 563
M. Abdalla, J. Zhang, R. Cheng & D. Xu
Intelligent computing and communication system
A study on 2D dimensional transmission based on color LED matrix 569
S.-H. Jung, M.-W. Lee, J.-S. Cha, G.-M. Park & K.-W. Choi
The implementation of an intelligent user interface for OpenAT NA system 573
T.Y. Lin, C.Y. Yang & C.T. Liu
Design and implementation of campus intelligent power consumption monitoring system based on Internet of things 577
T.J. Wang & P.J. Zhao
Building the smart emergency warning system with FM-RDS protocol 581
C.H. Chang, C.H. Chang & M.C. Liu
Design and realization of unmanned mobile platform control system 585
Y.K. Li & Y.CH. Wang
Term-based character feature planning for automatic story generation 591
H.T. Wang, F. Zhu, F. Zhang, Y. Gao & Y.H. Cheng
Research on key technology of three-dimensional talking-head driven by the Chinese text 597
L.J. Shi, P. Feng, J. Zhao & J.J. Tao
An oriented random walk model for simulation test in the indoor navigation for visually impaired users 601
Z. Yu, X.B. Zhang, K. Huang & W. Wang
The design of LED display based on CPLD dot matrix 607
Y. Xiao
Literature semantic retrieve based on domain ontology 611
X.Q. Zhang & H.M. Gao
About single biometric network 617
S. Mahmudova & T. Kazimov
Reliability analysis of communication subsystem in the train control system 621
L.G. Zeng

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