1st Edition

Networks In The Global Village Life In Contemporary Communities

By Barry Wellman Copyright 1999
    404 Pages
    by Routledge

    403 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Networks in the Global Village examines how people live through personal communities: their networks of friends, neighbors, relatives, and coworkers. It is the first book to compare the communities of people around the world. Major social differences between and within the First, Second, and Third Worlds affect the opportunities and insecurities with which individuals and households must deal, the supportive resources they seek, and the ways in which markets, institutions, and networks structure access to these resources. Each article written by a resident shows how living in a country affects the ways in which people use networks to access resources.Most people's ties in the developed world are not with neighbors but are widely dispersed. Unlike traditional studies of communities, social network analysis can identify the flourishing personal communities that people do have, no matter how far their ties may stretch and how fragmented their communities may be.Social networks are one of the principal means by which people and households acquire resources?either directly, through informal exchanges, or indirectly, by providing information on how to access the services provided by governments and other institutions. Networks in the Global Village focuses on how people use these networks around the world.

    Preface -- The Network Community: An Introduction -- The Elements of Personal Communities -- The Network Basis of Social Support: A Network Is More Than the Sum of Its Ties -- Neighbor Networks of Black and White Americans -- Social Networks Among the Urban Poor: Inequality and Integration in a Latin American City -- The Diversity of Personal Networks in France: Social Stratification and Relational Structures -- Network Capital in Capitalist, Communist, and Postcommunist Countries -- Getting a Job Through a Web of Guanxi in China -- Personal Community Networks in Contemporary Japan -- Using Social Networks to Exit Hong Kong -- Net-Surfers Don’t Ride Alone: Virtual Communities as Communities