1st Edition

Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Image Processing Mathematical Modeling and Applications

Edited By Manoj Sahni, Ritu Sahni, Jose M Merigo Copyright 2023
    220 Pages 63 Color & 24 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    220 Pages 63 Color & 24 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The text comprehensively discusses the latest mathematical modelling techniques and their applications in various areas such as fuzzy modelling, signal processing, neural network, machine learning, image processing, and their numerical analysis. It further covers image processing techniques like Viola-Jones Method for face detection and fuzzy approach for person video emotion. It will serve as an ideal reference text for graduate students and academic researchers in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, communication engineering, computer engineering, and mathematics.

    This book:

    • Discusses applications of neural networks, machine learning, image processing, and mathematical modeling.
    • Provides simulations techniques in machine learning and image processing-based problems.
    • Highlights artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in the detection of diseases.
    • Introduces mathematical modeling techniques such as wavelet transform, modeling using differential equations, and numerical techniques for multi-dimensional data.
    • Includes real-life problems for better understanding.

    The book presents mathematical modeling techniques such as wavelet transform, differential equations, and numerical techniques for multi-dimensional data. It will serve as an ideal reference text for graduate students and academic researchers in diverse engineering fields such as mechanical, electronics and communication and computer.

    Chapter 1 Mathematical Modeling on Thermoregulation in Sarcopenia
    1.1. Introduction

    1.2. Discretization

    1.3. Modeling and Simulation of Basal Metabolic Rate and Skin Layers Thickness

    1.4. Mathematical Model and Boundary Conditions

    1.5. Solution of the Model

    1.6. Numerical Results and discussion

    1.7. Conclusion


    Chapter 2 Multi-objective University Course Scheduling for Uncertainly Generated Courses
    2.1 Introduction

    2.2 Literature review

    2.3 Formulation of problem
    2.4 Methodology
    2.5 Numerical Example
    2.6 Result and Discussion

    2.7 Conclusion


    Chapter 3 MChCNN : A Deep Learning Approach to Detect Text based Hate Speech
    3.1. Introduction Background and Driving Forces

    3.2. Related Work

    3.3. Experiment and Results

    3.4. Conclusion


    Chapter 4 PSO Based PFC Cuk Converter fed BLDC Motor Drive for Automotive Applications
    4.1. Introduction

    4.2. Operation of Cuk converter fed BLDC motor drive system

    4.3. Controller Operation

    4.4. Result and Discussion

    4.5. Conclusion


    Chapter 5 Optimize Feature Selection for Condition based monitoring of Cylindrical bearing using Wavelet transform and ANN
    5.1. Introduction

    5.2. Methodology
    5.3. Data Preparation

    5.4. Result and Discussion

    5.5. Conclusion


    Chapter 6 SafeShop - An integrated system for safe pickup of items during COVID-19
    6.1. Introduction

    6.2. Literature Survey

    6.3. Methodology

    6.4. Result and Discussion

    6.5. Conclusion


    Chapter 7 Solution of First Order Fuzzy Differential Equation using Numerical Method

    7.1. Introduction

    7.2. Preliminaries

    7.3. Methodology

    7.4. Illustration

    7.5. Conclusion


    SECTION II Simulations in Machine Learning and Image Processing

    Chapter 8 Multi-layer Encryption Algorithm for Data Integrity in Cloud Computing

    8.1. Introduction

    8.2. Related works

    8.3. Algorithm description

    8.4. Simulation and performance analysis

    8.5. Conclusion and Future Work


    Chapter 9 Anomaly detection using class of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms

    9. 1. Introduction

    9.2. Adaptive threshold and regression techniques for anomaly detection

    9.3. Unsupervised Learning techniques for anomaly detection

    9.4. Description of the dataset

    9.5 Results and Discussions

    9.6. Conclusion


    Chapter 10 Improving Support Vector Machine accuracy with Shogun’s multiple kernel learning

    10. 1. Introduction

    10. 2. Support Vector Machine Statistics

    10.3. Experiment and Result

    10.4 Conclusion


    Chapter 11 An Introduction to Parallelisable String-Based SP-Languages

    11.1. Introduction

    11.2. Parallelisable string-based SP-languages

    11.3. Parallel Regular Expression

    11.4. Equivalence of Parallel Regular Expression and Branching Automaton

    11.5. Parallelisable String-Based SP-Grammar

    11.6. Parallelisable String-Based SP-Parallel Grammar

    11.7. Conclusion

    11.8. Applications

    11.9. Future Scope


    Chapter 12 Detection of Disease using Machine Learning

    12.1. Introduction

    12.2. Techniques Applied

    12.3. General architecture of AI/ML

    12.4. Experimental outcomes

    12.5. Conclusion


    Chapter 13 Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Eye Tracing System

    13.1. Introduction

    13.2. Literature Review

    13.3. Research Method

    13.4. Observations and Results

    13.5. Conclusion


    Chapter 14 An Efficient Image Encryption Scheme Combining Rubik Cube Principle with Masking

    14.1 Introduction

    14.2 Preliminary Section

    14.3 Proposed Work

    14. 4 Experimental Setup and Simulation Analysis

    14.5 Conclusion



    Manoj Sahni