1st Edition

Neural Tube Defects

Edited By Sonya G. Oppenheimer Copyright 2007

    Neural tube defects are one of the most complex birth defects and require an understanding of the interactions of multiple systems: the central nervous, urological, and musculoskeletal systems. Therefore, a truly multidisciplinary team of specialists is required to provide comprehensive treatment. Neural Tube Defects enables practitioners in all th

    History of Spina Bifida. The Global Epidemic of Folic Acid-Preventable Spina Bifida. Multidisciplinary Management Including Prenatal. School Age Child. Psychological Functioning in Children and Adolescents. Teenage Emphasis Achieving Independence. Adolescent Health Care Transition. Adults Who Have Spina Bifida: Work and Mental Health. Review of Current Neurosurgical Issues. New Orthopedic Trends. New Urological Trends. Families With Children. Ethical Issues


    Sonya G. Oppenheimer