1st Edition

Neuroanat and Physiology of Abdominal Vagal Afferents

    Neuroanatomy and Physiology of Abdominal Vagal Afferents provides a concise, up-to-date selection of focused reviews of vagal sensory participation in control of gastrointestinal function and behavior. The articles, written by internationally recognized leaders in the field, examine the types of information carried by vagal sensory neurons from the gastrointestinal tract, how the vagal sensory and motor components are arranged and interact with the brain, and the nature of vagal sensory participation in selected aspects of physiology and behavior. Future avenues of research in the area of vagal neuroanatomy and physiology are suggested.

    Neuroanatomy and Physiology of Abdominal Vagal Afferents is a detailed, informative volume that will benefit neurobiologists, GI physiologists, behavioral scientists, and research gastroenterologists.

    Comparative Anatomy of Medullary Vagal Nerve Nuclei (T.E. Finger). Viscerotopic Representation of the Alimentary Tract in the Dorsal and Ventral Vagal Complexes in the Rat (S.M. Altschuler, L. Rinamam, and R.R. Miselis). The Dorsal Vagal Complex Forms A Sensory-Motor Lattice: The Circuitry of Gastrointestinal Reflexes (T.L. Powley, H.R. Berthoud, E.A. Fox, and W. Laughton). Central Connections of the Nuclei of the Vagus Nerve (R.A. Leslie, D.J.M. Reynolds, and I.N.C. Lawes). Central Regulation of Brainstem Gastric Vago-Vagal Control Circuits (R.C. Rogers and G.E. Hermann). Vagal Afferent Innervation of the Enteric Nervous System (C. Sternini). Vagal Receptor Transport (T.H. Moran and P.R. McHugh). Vagal Afferent Mechanisms of Mechano- and Chemoreception (D. Grundy). Vagal Afferent Innervation and the Regulation of Gastric Motor Function (H.E. Raybould). Participation of Vagal Sensory Neurons in Putative Satiety Signals From the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract (R.C. Ritter, L. Brenner, and D.P. Yox). Cooperation of Vagal and Central Neural Systems in Monitoring Metabolic Events Controlling Feeding Behavior (S. Ritter, N.Y. Calingasan, B. Hutton, and T.T. Dinh). A Protective Role for Vagal Afferents: An Hypothesis (P.L.R. Andrews and I.N.C. Lawes). Index.


    Sue Ritter, Robert C. Ritter and Charles D. Barnes