1st Edition

Neuroanatomy and the Neurologic Exam A Thesaurus of Synonyms, Similar-Sounding Non-Synonyms, and Terms of Variable Meaning

By Terence R. Anthoney Copyright 1994

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    Neuroanatomy and the Neurologic Exam is an innovative, comprehensive thesaurus that surveys terminology from neuroanatomy and the neurologic examination, as well as related general terms from neurophysiology, neurohistology, neuroembryology, neuroradiology, and neuropathology. The author prepared the thesaurus by examining how terms were used in a large sample of recent, widely used general textbooks in basic neuroanatomy and clinical neurology. These textbooks were written by experts who received their primary professional training in 13 different countries, allowing the thesaurus to incorporate synonyms and conflicting definitions that occur as a result of variations in terminology used in other countries. The thesaurus contains:

    Instructions for Use. Description of Indexed Sections. Methods. Non-Synonyms (Similar-Sounding). General Synonyms. Specific Synonyms. Discussions. References. Credits. Index.


    TerenceR. Anthoney