1st Edition

Neuromuscular Pathology Made Easy

Edited By Maher Kurdi Copyright 2021
    288 Pages
    by CRC Press

    288 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The scope of Neuromuscular Pathology continuous to expand, as evidenced by the numerous multivolume and speciality texts published in recent years. This short textbook provides a complete overview of both clinical and histological aspects of common and rare neuromuscular diseases. The objective is twofold: to provide information about neuromuscular diseases in a simplified, integrated, and rapidly accessible format suited to those initially encountering the discipline, and also to provide a clear approach using simple pictures, tables and algorithms to illustrate histological features in muscle and nerve biopsy.

    This volume is conveniently divided into three sections with a total of 30 chapters. The first section deals with basic principles of neuromuscular histology and physiology, processing technique, histochemistry, and laboratory management. The second and third sections deal with neuromuscular diseases that are summarized in a stepwise approach, complemented by algorithms and organized tables.

    • A simplified, integrated, and rapidly accessible format covering both common and rare neuromuscular diseases

    • Clear simple illustrations, organized tables and algorithms to aid the reader in finding an easy approach to accurate diagnosis
    • Practical tips to facilitate histopathological diagnosis.
    • Clinical scenarios discussing common neuromuscular conditions

    Neurologists, neuropathologists, trainees and medical students involved in clinical neuroscience and pathology will find this guide of practical benefit in both education and practice.

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    Part I: General

    1. Muscle and Nerve Histology

    2. Muscle and Nerve Fibers Classification

    3. Clinical Neurophysiology

    4. Neuromuscular Laboratory

    5. Chemical Materials Used in the Lab

    6. Biopsy Processing Protocol

    7. Histochemistry Protocol

    8. Genetic Basis Of Neuromuscular Disorders

    9. Neuromuscular Final Report

    Part II: Muscle

    10. Initial Approach in Muscle Biopsy

    11. Differential Diagnosis

    12. Electron Microscopy

    13. Classification of Myopathy

    14. Approach to Neuromyopathy

    15. Approach to Vacuolar Myopathy

    16. Muscular Dystrophy Diseases

    17. Inherited Myopathic Diseases

    18. Non-Congenital Acquired Myopathies

    19. Metabolic Myopathy

    20. Inflammatory Myopathy

    21. Chronic Denervation Myopathy

    22. Axial Myopathy

    23. Fasciitis

    Part III: Nerve

    24. Classification of Neuropathy

    25. Diagnostic Approach in Nerve Biopsy

    26. Axonal Neuropathy

    27. Demyelinating Neuropathy

    28. Cellular and Extracellular Abnormalities

    29. Inflammatory Demyelination

    30. Other Common Peripheral Neuropathies



    Maher Kurdi, MD, FRCPC, EFN

    Clinical Assistant Professor

    Department of Pathology

    Faculty of Medicine in Rabigh

    King Abdulaziz University

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia