Neurophysiology and Psychophysiology : Experimental and Clinical Applications book cover
1st Edition

Neurophysiology and Psychophysiology
Experimental and Clinical Applications

ISBN 9780367759230
Published November 11, 2021 by Routledge
410 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1988, in several respects this book is a tribute to the outstanding career of the late Donald B. Lindsley (1907-2003) who, over a span of more than 55 years, had contributed greatly to the development of research in the fields of neurophysiology, psychophysiology, and experimental psychology. The impetus for the book was a conference held at UCLA to honor Professor Lindsley for his numerous and significant contributions to psychology. The chapters of this book have been written by Professor Lindsley’s colleagues and co-workers, and by former students and postdoctoral fellows. The introductory chapter, written by Lindsley himself, tells of 2000 years of "pondering". The chapter is a discussion of the lengthy history of neurophysiology, psychophysiology, and behaviour. Many of the topics mentioned in this chapter are subsequently presented in the book as reports of ongoing research in the field.

Table of Contents

Contributors.  Preface.  Section 1: Historical Introduction  1. Two Thousand Years of Pondering Brain and Behavior D. B. Lindsley  Section 2: Neural Control  2. Modes of Control Over Sensory and Motor Events in a Simple System F. B. Krasne  3. Reticular Lessons Supress Experimental Tremor in Monkeys F. Velasco and M. Velasco  4. Forebrain Lesions Produce Sensory Neglect and Supress Spindles and Seizures D. M. Feeney  5. Further Investigation of Polysensory Responses in the Posterior Thalamic Association Nuclei of Cats F. C. Huang  6. Brainstem-Limbic Systems and Behavior C. L. Wilson, N. Hirasuna, and D. B. Lindsley  7. Regulation of Cardiac Vulnerability by the Frontal Cortex: A New Concept of Cannon’s Cerebral Defense Mechanism J. E. Skinner  Section 3: Neural Substrates of Visual Discrimination  8. Perceptual Suppression in Strabismic Cats C. K. Peck  9. Visual Evoked Potentials: Isolation of Cortical Sub-Populations Narrowly Tuned to Spatial Frequency K. Nakayama, P. Apkarian, M. Mackeben and C.W. Tyler  10. The Human Albino: Averaged Visual Evoked Potential Study of Abnormal Visual Pathways J. R. Coleman and C. F. Sydnor  Section 4: Neural Substrates of Attention  11. Studies in the Neuropsychology of Attention Impairment: Human Symptoms and Animals Models A. F. Mirsky and C. Ray  12. Pupillomteric Signs of Selective Attention in Man J. Beatty  13. Regional Cerebral Blood-Flow: Supplement to Event-Related Potential Studies of Selective Attention R. Näätänen  14. Relationship Between Unilateral Neglect and Sensory Extinction A.S. Schwartz, P. Marchok and C. Kreinick  15. The Nonspecific Intralaminar System of the Thalamus and Visual Attention M. Schlag-Rey and J. Schlag  Section 5: Latencies and Motor Performance  16. After a Rash Action: Latency and Amplitude of the P300 Following Fast Guesses E. Donchin, G. Gratton, D. Dupree and M. Coles  17. Human Respiratory Reaction Times R. Lansing, L. Meyerink and J. Thomas  18. Visual Temporal Integration for Simple Reaction Time M. L. Kietzman, E. Shapiro and G. E. Bruder  19. Verbal-Manual Time Sharing and EEG Asymmetry in Mentally Retarded Individuals G.C. Galbraith and J. Gliddon  Section 6: Neural Substrates of Development  20. The Interplay of Theory, Research and Application in Developmental Psychobiology G. H. Rose  21. Environmental Influences Upon the Development of the Golden Hamster’s Visual System L. M. Chalupa and R.W. Rhoades  22. Nervous System Development and Pattern Preference in Infants D. S. Woodruff-Pak and K.M. Gerrity  Section 7: Higher Cognitive Processes  23. Learning and Motivation, a Historical Overview R. F. Thompson and S. D. Berry  24. Need-Information Interaction of Brain Structures P. V. Siminov  25. Cerebral Processing and Cognitive Functioning in Reading Disability M. Friedman, V. Welch, I. Fried and G. Marsh  26. Language Laterality, Sex and Stuttering: Event-Related Potentials (ERP) to Contextual Meaning W. S. Brown, J. T. Marsh, R. E. Ponsford and L. E. Travis  27. Evoked Potentials Related to Decision Confidence J. W. Rohrbaugh, L. M. Chalupa and D. B. Lindsley  28. An Interpretation of Human Classical Conditioning of Electrodermal Activity I. Maltzman and M. Pendery  29. A Possible Central Nervous System Correlate (CNV Amplitude) of Relatively High Social Status P. R. Barchas, W. S. Jose II, B. Payne, B. S. Kopell and W. T. Roth.  Appendix A: Vitae of Donald B. Lindsley.  Appendix B: Students and Fellows of Donald B. Lindsley.  Appendix C: Publications of Donald B. Lindsley.  Author Index.  Subject Index.

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G. C. Galbraith, M. L. Kietzman, E. Donchin