1st Edition

Neuropsychological Functions Across the World A Special Issue of the International Journal of Psychology

Edited By Feggy Ostrosky-Solis, Gunilla Oberg Copyright 2007
    112 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Due to worldwide economical and political pressures, millions of people have emigrated in recent decades, and many countries have become increasingly multicultural. Cross-lingual and cross-cultural interactions are growing, both within and across nations. As a consequence, professionals in psychology, psychiatry, neurology and related fields have to take cultural factors into account as they diagnose and treat their patients. Clinicians have to develop cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills to work with clients whose cultural background is different fom their own, a development which poses great theoretical and practical challenges for the field of neuropsychology. This special issue is intended to contribute to the analysis of similarities and diferences in neuropsychological functions from memory span to moral judgement. It also addresses the question of how rehabilitation programs could be composed in different cultural settings.

    This special issue was accepted under the editorship of Laura Herández-Guzmán.


    F. Ostrosky-Solis, Neuropsychological Functions Across the World - Common and Different Features. A. Ardila, F. Ostrosky-Solis, B. Bernal, Cognitive Testing Toward the Future: The Example of Semantic Verbal Fluency (Animals). F. Ostrosky-Solis, A. Lozano, Digit Span: Effect of Education and Culture. G. Oberg, M. Ramirez, Cross-linguistic Meta-analysis of Phonological Fluency: Normal Performance across Cultures. A. Vélez, F. Ostrosky-Solis, From Morality to Moral Emotions. D. Biderman, E. Daniels-Zide, A. Reyes, B. Marks, Ego-identity: Can it be Reconstituted after a Brain Injury. J. Sarajuuri, S. Koskinen, Holistic Neuropsychological Rehabilitation in Finland. The INSURE Program: A Transcultural Outgrowth of Perspectives from Israel to Europe via USA.


    Feggy Ostrosky-Solis, Gunilla Oberg