Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: A Modular Handbook

Series Editors:

Neuropsychological rehabilitation is influenced by a number of fields both from within and outside psychology. Neuropsychology, behavioural psychology and cognitive psychology have each played important roles in the development of current rehabilitation practice, along with findings from studies of neuroplasticity, linguistics, geriatric medicine, neurology and other fields. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: A Modular Handbook series reflects the broad theoretical base of the discipline, and is not confined to one conceptual framework. Although each volume is based on a strong theoretical foundation relevant to the topic in question, the main thrust of the majority of the books is the development of practical, clinical methods of rehabilitation arising out of this research enterprise.

The series is aimed at neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists and other rehabilitation specialists such as occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, rehabilitation physicians and other disciplines involved in the rehabilitation of people with brain injury.