1st Edition

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Theory and Practice

Edited By Barbara A. Wilson Copyright 2003
    320 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book brings together theoretical and clinical aspects of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. Following an introductory chapter and a brief history of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, there are chapters on specific cognitive deficits (attention, executive deficits, memory, and language). The next section addresses rehabilitation of emotional, social and behavioural disorders. Then comes a section on specific groups of people (children, people with dementia and people in reduced states of awareness. Although the main focus of the book is on adults with non-progressive brain injury, these other groups are included as NR is being increasingly employed with them. The book concludes with a chapter on systems of service delivery and another on the future of NR. Thus this book covers a number of aspects of NR and is broader in outlook than most existing books in this area. It presents current practice techniques in cognitive rehabilitation from a conceptual and theoretical perspective. It offers both clinicians and researchers a sense of the research and theory underlying current clinical applications.
    The main audience will be clinical neuropsychologists especially those working in rehabilitation. Other audiences include clinical psychologists working with people who have mental health problems, schizophrenia or are elderly; occupational therapists; speech and language therapists and rehabilitation doctors. It is likely that some social workers, nurses psychiatrists and neurologists will also want to read the book.

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    "Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: Theory and Practice contains up-to-date information on the traditional disorders associated with brain injury. This updated information is essential to the wide audience involved in rehabilitation, including students, researchers and beginning clinicians." - Cynthia L. Beaulieu, Brain Injury

    "I love this book. As promised in the introductory chapter, it presents current practice techniques in cognitive rehabilitation from a conceptual and theoretical perspective." - Dr. Scrivener