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New Advances in Crime and Social Harm

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This series seeks to publish original cutting-edge contributions to the fields of criminology, criminal justice and penology. Volumes include discussions of Foucault and 'governmentality'; critical criminology; victims and criminal justice; corporate crime; comparative criminology and women's prisons.

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Integrating a Victim Perspective within Criminal Justice International Debates

Integrating a Victim Perspective within Criminal Justice: International Debates

1st Edition


By Adam Crawford, Jo Goodey
January 31, 2024

As numerous academic and political commentators have noted, the implications of introducing a victim’s perspective into the delicate balance between state and offender is likely to be a key issue in the future of criminal justice. This book seeks to outline the contours of the relevant debates ...

Privacy, Technology, and the Criminal Process

Privacy, Technology, and the Criminal Process

1st Edition

Edited By Andrew Roberts, Joe Purshouse, Jason Bosland
July 28, 2023

This collection considers the implications for privacy of the utilisation of new technologies in the criminal process. In most modern liberal democratic states, privacy is considered a basic right. Many national constitutions, and almost all international human rights instruments, include some ...

Remorse and Criminal Justice Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives

Remorse and Criminal Justice: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Steven Tudor, Richard Weisman, Michael Proeve, Kate Rossmanith
May 31, 2023

This multi-disciplinary collection brings together original contributions to present the best of current thinking about the nature and place of remorse in the context of criminal justice. Despite the widespread and long-standing nature of interest in offender remorse, the topic has until recently ...

Crimmigration under International Protection Constructing Criminal Law as Governmentality

Crimmigration under International Protection: Constructing Criminal Law as Governmentality

1st Edition

By Rottem Rosenberg-Rubins
March 23, 2023

By exploring crimmigration at its intersection with international refugee law, this book exposes crimmigration as a system focused on the governance of territorially present migrants, which internalizes the impracticability of removal and replaces expulsion with domestic policing. The convergence ...

The Politics of Punishment A Comparative Study of Imprisonment and Political Culture

The Politics of Punishment: A Comparative Study of Imprisonment and Political Culture

1st Edition

By Louise Brangan
January 09, 2023

Prisons are everywhere. Yet they are not everywhere alike. How can we explain the differences in cross-national uses of incarceration? The Politics of Punishment explores this question by undertaking a comparative sociological analysis of penal politics and imprisonment in Ireland and Scotland.   ...

Law, Drugs and the Politics of Childhood From Protection to Punishment

Law, Drugs and the Politics of Childhood: From Protection to Punishment

1st Edition

By Simon Flacks
September 26, 2022

Debates about the regulation of drugs are inseparable from talk of children and the young. Yet how has this association come to be so strong, and why does it have so much explanatory, rhetorical and political force? The premise for this book is that the relationship between drugs and childhood ...

Crime and Culture An Historical Perspective

Crime and Culture: An Historical Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By René Lévy, Amy Gilman Srebnick
August 23, 2018

Scholarly interest in the history of crime has grown dramatically in recent years and, because scholars associated with this work have relied on a broad social definition of crime which includes acts that are against the law as well as acts of social banditry and political rebellion, crime history ...

Family Violence and Police Response Learning From Research, Policy and Practice in European Countries

Family Violence and Police Response: Learning From Research, Policy and Practice in European Countries

1st Edition

By Marijke Malsch, Wilma Smeenk
June 28, 2017

Police response to incidents of intimate partner violence can be critical. This volume investigates the elements in the institutional, legal and organizational context that are relevant for police response to incidents in the realm of the private sphere and whether there exists a relation with the ...

Deleuze and Environmental Damage Violence of the Text

Deleuze and Environmental Damage: Violence of the Text

1st Edition

By Mark Halsey
March 29, 2017

This book offers a post-structuralist critique of the problems associated with modernist accounts of environmental harm and regulation. Through a notably detailed micro-political analysis of forest conflict, the author explores the limits of academic commentary on environmental issues and suggests ...

Engendering Resistance: Agency and Power in Women's Prisons

Engendering Resistance: Agency and Power in Women's Prisons

1st Edition

By Mary Bosworth
November 09, 2016

This book explores how power is negotiated in women’s prisons. Drawing on fieldwork conducted in three penal establishments in England, it analyses how women manage the restrictions of imprisonment and the manner in which they attempt to resist institutional control. It is proposed that power is ...

Re-Thinking the Political Economy of Punishment Perspectives on Post-Fordism and Penal Politics

Re-Thinking the Political Economy of Punishment: Perspectives on Post-Fordism and Penal Politics

1st Edition

By Alessandro De Giorgi
October 31, 2016

The political economy of punishment suggests that the evolution of punitive systems should be connected to the transformations of capitalist economies: in this respect, each 'mode of production' knows its peculiar 'modes of punishment'. However, global processes of transformation have ...

The Arts of Imprisonment Control, Resistance and Empowerment

The Arts of Imprisonment: Control, Resistance and Empowerment

1st Edition

Edited By Leonidas K. Cheliotis
November 28, 2016

The arts - spanning the visual, design, performing, media, musical, and literary genres - constitute an alternative lens through which to understand state-sanctioned punishment and its place in public consciousness. Perhaps this is especially so in the case of imprisonment: its nature, its ...

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