1st Edition

New Advances in SHR Research - Pathophysiology & Pharmacology

Edited By Mikhailov, Hideya Saito, Yamori, Masaru Minami Copyright 1995

    This book deals with pathophysiology and pharmacology of spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) and describes new trends in SHR research from hemodynamic characteristics to immunological views. It is devoted to the use of tissue culture studies to elaborate SHR characteristics.

    1. Pathophysiological overview of M-SHRSP 2. The development of hypertension in transgenic rats, TGR (mREN2) 27 3. Age-related immunological disorders in an animal model for hypertension, SHR rats 4. Increased production of nitric oxide in cultured aortic smooth muscle cells from SHR 5. Comparative enzyme histochemistry of NADPH-diaphorase (nitric oxide synthase) positive neurons in normal and spontaneously hypertensive rats 6. Role of central GABA in the regulation of blood pressure and the development of hypertension in the SHR 7. Altered cardiovascular responses to glutamate and acetylcholine microinjected into the nucleus tractus solitarii of the SHR 8. Central kinin receptors in the SHR and the pressor response to bradykinin 9. Role of muscarinic receptors in cardiovascular regulation in SHR 10. Phosphatidylinositol and inositophosphatide metabolism in hypertrophied rat heart 11. Animal models of vascular dementia with emphasis on stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats 12. Role of vitamin B 12 on behavioral changes in SHRSP 13. Antihypertensive effects of oriental drugs in human and SHR 14. Cardiac and hemodynamic features in SHR


    Mikhailov (Edited by) , Hideya Saito (Edited by) , Yukio Yamori (Edited by) , Masaru Minami (Edited by)