180 Pages
    by Routledge

    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    Much has been written about the rise of the Asian economies in recent decades, and their coming economic dominance in the next century. The New Asian Emperors shows how and why overseas Chinese companies are achieving dominance in the Asia Pacific. In the wake of the Asian Currency crisis, this book takes a fresh look at the role of the overseas Chinese as they continue to create some of Asia's most wealthy and successful companies.

    In particular, the authors tackle the principal difference between Western and Eastern business practices. The overseas Chinese, due to their origins and history developed a unique form of management - now they maintain it as their competitive advantage.

    Although Asian governments are currently floundering, the overseas Chinese networks continue to prosper. The authors explain the following to Eastern and Western managers:

    the sources and characteristics of overseas Chinese management,
    how to combat the overseas Chinese,
    the strengths and exploitable weaknesses of the overseas Chinese,
    whether overseas Chinese management practices will spread in the same way as Japanese management did,
    whether Western management technologies will find themselves outclassed.

    A feature of the book are the exclusive, in-depth interviews with the New Asian
    Emperors since most of them avoid the press and little is known of them.

    The Foundations of Understanding: An Introduction; Confucianism; The overseas Chinese today; The Analysis: Introduction to an informational void; Concepts of strategic management; The Implications for Business: Competitive implications/ overseas Chinese; Bibliography


    George T. Haley, Dr Chin Tiong Tan, George T. Haley

    'Westerners have long assumed that there is one right way to organize and conduct large-scale business, on a foundation of rationality, individuality, and impersonality. This excellent treatise on the business philosophies and practices of the powerful Overseas Chinese cannot fail to open Western minds to whole new ways of business thinking.

    Finally, a book to help Western business leaders understand the business philosophies and practices of the Overseas Chinese. Many practices of multinationals need to be altered if they are to compete with, or work with, the Overseas Chinese.

    This book is a must reading for any business that wants to succeed in Asia. The authors have presented a masterly picture of how business is done by the Overseas Chinese'.

    Philip Kotler,
    S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University

    'This book is very timely as it examines in a serious but readable manner both the strengths and weaknesses of the Overseas Chinese business community, and provides a framework for understanding how this vibrant community will resurrect itself from the current crisis. Most books on the Overseas Chinese business community have veered between extremes: either gushing with adulation, or portraying them as a semi-conspiracy. This book takes a balanced and holistic view, and weaves in the ethical and cultural traits of the Overseas Chinese with their management practices'.

    Ho Kwon-Ping
    President, Wah Chang Group (Owner of Banyan Tree Resorts) & Chairman, Singapore Institute of Management

    'In the new Asia, especially after the crisis, there will be more and more Overseas Chinese marketers. This book is very important for those who want to deal with them successfully in the true market-based global economy'.

    Hermawan Kartajaya,
    President, Asia Pacific Marketing Federation

    'The Overseas Chinese are among the most important groups of entrepreneurs in human history. Their contributions in the forthcoming economic reconstruction of much of East Asia will necessarily be immense. The New Asian Emperors provides a conside, highly readable and insightful analysis of why they are so critical to the future of the region and how their contributions are likely to be made. This book should be core reading for anyone doing business in Asia at this crucial time'.

    Bruce W. Stening,
    Professor and Executive Director, Australia Asia Management Centre, The Australian National University

    'The Overseas Chinese represent what is arguably one of the most important economic and financial groups in the world, whose actions in the Pacific Rim and in other parts of the world have had profound effects on economic development, financial stability and instability, and the evolution of a wide range of industries in a global economic context. They also represent what is often a controversial economic and political force in countries dominated by other ethnic groups. This book provides a thoroughly authoritative and balanced assessment of the Overseas Chinese in terms of their roots, the role of family structures, management practices, and approaches to dealing with Overseas Chinese business groups - which themselves will have to evolve rapidly in the years ahead if they are to succeed as true multinational enterprises'.

    Ingo Walter,
    Charles Simon Professor of Applied Financial Economics, Sydney Homer Director of the NYU Salomon Center, and Professor of International Business, Economics and Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University & Swiss Bank Corporation Professor of International Management, INSEAD

    An important study of ocerseas Chinese tycoons
    The Economist - 7th April 2001