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New Biological Anthropology

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The Dialectical Primatologist The Past, Present and Future of Life in the Hominoid Niche

The Dialectical Primatologist: The Past, Present and Future of Life in the Hominoid Niche

1st Edition


By Nicholas Malone
October 25, 2021

The Dialectical Primatologist identifies the essential parameters vital for the continued co-existence of hominoids (apes and humans), synthesizing primate research and conservation in order to develop culturally compelling conservation strategies required for the facilitation of hominoid ...

Genetic Ancestry Our Stories, Our Pasts

Genetic Ancestry: Our Stories, Our Pasts

1st Edition

By Jada Benn Torres, Gabriel A. Torres Colón
October 21, 2020

Genetic Ancestry focuses on the scientific nature and limitations of genetic ancestry testing. Co-authored by a genetic anthropologist and a cultural anthropologist, it examines the social, historical, and cultural dimensions of how people interpret genetic ancestry data. Utilizing examples from ...

The Promise of Contemporary Primatology

The Promise of Contemporary Primatology

1st Edition

By Erin P. Riley
September 10, 2019

This book argues for a contemporary primatology that recognizes humans as integral components in the ecologies of primates. This contemporary primatology uses a broadened theoretical lens and methodological toolkit to study primate behavior and ecology in increasingly anthropogenic contexts and ...

Emergent Warfare in Our Evolutionary Past

Emergent Warfare in Our Evolutionary Past

1st Edition

By Nam C Kim, Marc Kissel
March 15, 2018

Why do we fight? Have we always been fighting one another? This book examines the origins and development of human forms of organized violence from an anthropological and archaeological perspective. Kim and Kissel argue that human warfare is qualitatively different from forms of lethal, intergroup ...

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