1st Edition

New Developments in Clinical Instrumentation

By Leroy Hersh Copyright 1981

    This book has information regarding the new developments in clinical instrumentation, focusing on fluorometers and densitometers, explaining the principles, the use of high performance liquid chromatography in clinical laboratories. Automated Microbiology; dabbling into detection, light scanning and analysis of particles. Amore recent aspect of automation has been, made possible by the advent of the microprocessor orcomputer-on-a-chip. The development of miniature, inexpensive micro-computers has resulted in the automation for relatively sophisticated processes. The two aspects of automation are represented in this monograph. The automated control of physical processes, and automation of the information processing. There are elements of both aspects of automation in this book. The areas discussed do emphasize more or less strongly either tight automated control of physical processes or automation of information processing. They all represent the attempt of medical technology to yield more precise, accurate, less expensive and faster to acid in the clinical diagnosis.

    1. Scanning Fluorometers and Densitometers- Principles and Performance Analysis 2. Automated Leukocyte Differential Analyser 3. Computers in Clinical Instrumentation 4. The Use of High Performance Liquid Chromatography in the Clinical Laboratory 5. Automated Microbiology 6. Automation of Radioimmunoassa


    Leroy Hersh