First published in 1998. This book charts the connections between migrations crises and the formation and demise transnational communities, looking at 10 contemporary migration crises around the world, in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean.. It examines the factors that are accelerating- and constraining- the growth of the transnational communities in an ever more volatile world migration order.

    Explaining migration crises; diasporas in the making - force, choice and agency; migration crises in Africa and the Middle East; migration crises in Asia, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean; the character of migration crises; consequences of migration crises; diasporas made and diasporas un-made; migrants and hosts, transnationals and stayers.


    Nicholas Van Hear is Senior Researcher at the Refugee Studies Programme, Queen Elizabeth House, the University of Oxford. He has written widely on refugee and migration issues, covering developments in Africa, Europe, The Middle East and Asia.