1st Edition

New Directions in Development Economics Growth, Environmental Concerns and Government in the 1990s

Edited By Mats Lundahl, Benno Ndulu Copyright 2003
    472 Pages
    by Routledge

    476 Pages
    by Routledge

    New Directions in Development Economics is divided into two parts. The first half considers the dilemna of growth with special reference to its environmental cost. The second half focuses on the role of the state in the context of the growing dominance of the free market argument. The contributors include Paul Collier, Partha Dasgupta, Ronald Findlay and Deepak Lal.

    Welcome address Anders Wijkman 1. Introduction Mats Lundahl and Benno J. Ndulu Part I. Growth, Innovation and the Environment 2. Macropolicies for the transition from stabilization to growth José Mariá Fanelli and Roberto Frenkel 3. Constraints on African growth Arne Bigsten 4. Long-term development and sustainable growth in sub-Saharan Africa Ibrahim A. Elbadawi and Benno J. Ndulu 5. How painful is the transition? Reflections on patterns of economic growth, long waves and the ICT revolution Claes Brundenius 6. Technological implications of structural adjustment: some lessons from India Malur R. Bhagavan 7. Developmental regionalism Björn Hettne 8. Environmental resources and economic development Partha Dasgupta and Karl-Göran Mäler 9. The capture of global environmental value David Pearce 10. Environmental tax reform: theory, industrialized country experience and relevance in LDCs Thomas Sterner Part II. The Role of the State 11. The good, the bad and the wobbly: state forms and third world economic performance Christer Gunnarsson and Mats Lundahl 12. The role of the African state in building agencies of restraint Paul Collier 13. Participation, markets and democracy Deepak Lal 14. Stylizing accumulation in African countries and the role of the state in policy making Thandika Mkandawire 15. Economic restructuring, coping strategies and social change: implications for institutional development in Africa Yusuf Bangura 16. From GATT to WTO - a potential for a threat to LDC development? Göte Hansson 17. Government, trade and international capital mobility Ronald Findlay


    Mats Lundahl has written widely on political economy of developing countries, especially on the countries in the horn of Africa. Benno J. Ndulu specialises in macroeconomic difficulties facing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.