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New Directions in Tourism Analysis: New Directions in Tourism Analysis

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Although tourism is becoming increasingly popular as both a taught subject and an area for empirical investigation, the theoretical underpinnings of many approaches have tended to be eclectic and somewhat underdeveloped. However, recent developments indicate that the field of tourism studies is beginning to develop in a more theoretically informed manner, but this has not yet been matched by current publications. The aim of this series is to fill this gap with high quality monographs or edited collections that seek to develop tourism analysis at both theoretical and substantive levels using approaches which are broadly derived from allied social science disciplines such as Sociology, Social Anthropology, Human and Social Geography, and Cultural Studies. As tourism studies covers a wide range of activities and sub fields, certain areas such as Hospitality Management and Business, which are already well provided for, would be excluded. The series will therefore fill a gap in the current overall pattern of publication. Suggested themes to be covered by the series, either singly or in combination, include - consumption; cultural change; development; gender; globalisation; political economy; social theory; sustainability.

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Emerging Transformations in Tourism and Hospitality

Emerging Transformations in Tourism and Hospitality

1st Edition

Edited By Anna Farmaki, Nikolaos Pappas
December 20, 2021

This significant and timely book critically discusses the effects of emerging trends and shifting dynamics on the tourism and hospitality industry at local, regional, national, and international levels in a holistic manner. This book offers a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach...

Public Memory, Race, and Heritage Tourism of Early America

Public Memory, Race, and Heritage Tourism of Early America

1st Edition

Edited By Cathy Rex, Shevaun E. Watson
October 21, 2021

This book addresses the interconnected issues of public memory, race, and heritage tourism, exploring the ways in which historical tourism shapes collective understandings of America’s earliest engagements with race. It includes contributions from a diverse group of humanities scholars, including ...

The Morphology of Tourism Planning for Impact in Tourist Destinations

The Morphology of Tourism: Planning for Impact in Tourist Destinations

1st Edition

By Philip Feifan Xie, Kai Gu
December 04, 2018

Morphological research studies the physical form of landscapes, including how landscape structures function and operate, the adaptability of forms, and how functions and forms change over time. Applying the methods and models of morphology to tourism, this innovative book explores some of the ...

Resort Spatiality Reimagining Sites of Mass Tourism

Resort Spatiality: Reimagining Sites of Mass Tourism

1st Edition

By Zelmarie Cantillon
October 23, 2018

This book theorises resorts as distinct kinds of urban milieux, capturing the complexity of destinations famous for ‘sun, sand and sex’ mass tourism. Drawing on qualitative field research (participant observation, interviews and photography), the book discusses examples from six international ...

Tourism Encounters and Controversies Ontological Politics of Tourism Development

Tourism Encounters and Controversies: Ontological Politics of Tourism Development

1st Edition

Edited By Gunnar Thór Jóhannesson, Carina Ren, van der Duim René
November 22, 2017

The multiplicity of tourism encounters provide some of the best available occasions to observe the social world and its making(s). Focusing on ontological politics of tourism development, this book examines how different versions of tourism are enacted, how encounters between different versions of ...

Tourism and Violence

Tourism and Violence

1st Edition

Edited By Hazel Andrews
November 22, 2017

Exploring the connection between tourism and violence, this book draws on a range of disciplinary approaches, including social anthropology, cultural geography, sociology, and tourism studies. Ideas and concepts of violence have long been explored in the social sciences literature but in relation ...

Being and Dwelling through Tourism An anthropological perspective

Being and Dwelling through Tourism: An anthropological perspective

1st Edition

By Catherine Palmer
November 10, 2017

Much of the existing literature seeks to make sense of tourism based on singular approaches such as visuality, identity, mobility, performance and globalised consumption. What is missing, however, is an overarching framework within which these valuable approaches can be located. This book offers ...

Tourism and Economic Development Case Studies from the Indian Ocean Region

Tourism and Economic Development: Case Studies from the Indian Ocean Region

1st Edition

Edited By R.N. Ghosh, M.A.B. Siddique
May 28, 2003

Tourism has increasingly become a vital element in the economic development of the Indian Ocean region. This volume brings together leading tourism and economics experts from the region to discuss the wide range of problems and issues raised by the increasing significance of tourism such as: ...

Advances in Social Media for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality New Perspectives, Practice and Cases

Advances in Social Media for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality: New Perspectives, Practice and Cases

1st Edition

Edited By Marianna Sigala, Ulrike Gretzel
July 27, 2017

This book brings together cutting edge research and applications of social media and related technologies, their uses by consumers and businesses in travel, tourism and hospitality. The first section addresses topical issues related to how social media influence the operations and strategies of ...

Performing Tourist Places

Performing Tourist Places

1st Edition

By Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt, Michael Haldrup, John Urry
May 16, 2017

This book looks at the making and the consuming of places in the contemporary world. Illustrated through various case-studies from Denmark, it considers how places, performances and peoples intersect. It examines the fascinating circumstances through which visitors to a place, in part, produce ...

Performing Cultural Tourism Communities, Tourists and Creative Practices

Performing Cultural Tourism: Communities, Tourists and Creative Practices

1st Edition

Edited By Susan Carson, Mark Pennings
June 30, 2017

While experiential staging is well documented in tourism studies, not enough has been written about the diverse types of experiences and expectations that visitors bring to the tourist space and how communities respond to, or indeed challenge, these expectations. This book brings together new ideas...

Archipelago Tourism Policies and Practices

Archipelago Tourism: Policies and Practices

1st Edition

Edited By Godfrey Baldacchino
June 07, 2017

Exploring the conceptual insights provided by the archipelagic 'twist' in the context of tourism principles, policies and practices, this volume draws on an international series of case studies to analyse best practice in branding, marketing and logistics in archipelago tourist destinations. The ...

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