1st Edition

New Dynamics in Female Migration and Integration

    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    270 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores the dynamic interplay between cross-national and cross-cultural patterns of female migration, integration and social change, by focusing on the specific case of Belgium. It provides insight into the dynamic interplay between gender and migration, and especially contributes to the knowledge of how migration changes gender relations in Belgium, as well as in the regions of origin. To this end, an analytical model for conducting gender-sensitive migration research is developed out of an initial theory-driven conceptual model. Employing a transversal approach, the researchers reveal similarities and differences across national backgrounds, disclosing the underlying, more "universal" gender dynamics.

    Introduction  Christiane Timmerman, Marco Martiniello, Andrea Rea and Johan Wets  1. Gender Sensitive Migration Research: Theory, Concepts and Methods  Rilke Mahieu, Christiane Timmerman and Petra Heyse  2. Female Migration into Belgium  Lieselot Vanduynslager and Johan Wets  3. Migrant Women in the Labor Market  Andre Rea  4. The Migration Trajectories of Russian and Ukrainian Women in Belgium  Petra Heyse, Rilke Mahieu and Christiane Timmerman  5. Female Filipino Migrants in Belgium: A Qualitative Analysis of Trends and Practices  Fernando Pauwels  6. Gender and Latin American Migration to Belgium  Marie Godin, Any Freitas and Andrea Rea  7. Migration of Romanian Women to Belgium: Strategies and Dynamics of the Migration Process  Alice Poncelet and Marco Martiniello  8. The Migration of Nigerian Women to Belgium: Qualitative Analysis of Trends and Dynamics  Fatima Zibouh and Marco Martiniello  9. Explaining Female Migration and Integration Patterns: A Transversal Analysis  Any Freitas, Marie Godin, Petra Heyse, Fernando Pauwels, Alice Poncelet, Fatima Zibouh, Athanasia Mbah-Fongkimeh, Christiane Timmerman, Marco Martiniello, Andrea Rea and Johan Wets  Conclusion  Christiane Timmerman, Marco Martiniello, Andrea Rea and Johan Wets


    Christiane Timmerman is Research Professor (ZAP – BOF) at the University of Antwerp and Academic Director of CeMIS, University of Antwerp.

    Marco Martiniello is Research Director at the FRS-FNRS, (Fund for Scientific Research), Director of CEDEM (Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies) and Professor of Sociology at the University of Liège.

    Andrea Rea is Professor of Sociology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Director of GERME (Group for research on Ethnic Relations, Migrations, and Equality).

    Johan Wets is Research Manager for Migration at the Research Institute for Work and Society (HIVA), University of Leuven – KULeuven.