1st Edition

New Feminist Stories of Child Sexual Abuse Sexual Scripts and Dangerous Dialogue

Edited By Paula Reavey, Sam Warner Copyright 2003
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    The international feminist contributors to this book look through the lens of poststructuralism at how child sexual abuse is differently represented and understood in the populist, academic, clinical, media and legal contexts. Reworking earlier feminist analyses, they show how child sexual abuse is not just about gender and power but also about class, race and sexuality. The first, theoretical section of the book critiques normative theories of the 'effects' of abuse, explores the impact and consequences of feminist interventions and critically examines the potential usefulness of a feminist post-stucturalist approach. In the second part, these understandings are applied to specific arenas of practice with the aim of providing a framework for critical intervention and alternative and better ways of working with child sexual abuse.

    1. Introduction Part One: Theory 2. The 'Harm' Story in Childhood Sexual Abuse: Examining 'Help' for the Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse 3. Theorising Distress and Reproducing Disorder: Women, Child Sexual Abuse and Borderline Personality Disorder 4. Motivated Forgetting as Institutional Practice: False / Recovered as a Case Study 5. Child Sexual Abuse: Current Legal Issues 6. Representing Difference and Diversity: Traumatic Effects of Child Sexual Abuse Among 'Coloured' South African Women 7. Feminism's Restless Undead: The Radical / Lesbian / Victim Theorists Part Two: Practice 8. Appropriating Childhood: Child Sexual Abuse, Clinical Intervention, Child Protection and the Regulation of Experience and Identity 9. The Gender if News Production: Silenced Voices and False Memories 10. Child Sexual Abuse and the Practice of Cultural Imperialism 11. Psychology's Governance of the impact of Child Sexual Abuse 12. Identity, Gender and Participation in Self-Help Groups 13. Professional Discourses on Sexual Survival and the (re)production of Femininity 14. Clinical Story telling and Contemporary Dilemmas 15. Visible Therapy: Tactics for Addressing Child Abuse


    Paula Reavey, Sam Warner