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New Frontiers in Forensic Psychology

About the Series

New Frontiers in Forensic Psychology brings together the most contemporary research in core and emerging topics in the field, providing a comprehensive review of new areas of investigation in forensic psychology, and new perspectives on existing topics of enquiry.

The series includes original volumes in which the authors are encouraged to explores unchartered territory, make cross-disciplinary evaluations, and where possible break new ground.

The series is an essential resource for senior undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and practitioners across forensic psychology, criminology and social policy.

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New Perspectives on Arson and Firesetting The Human-Fire Relationship

New Perspectives on Arson and Firesetting: The Human-Fire Relationship

1st Edition


By Faye K Horsley
September 29, 2021

New Perspectives on Arson and Firesetting: The Human-Fire Use Relationship is the first forensic text to move away from a sole focus on anti-social fire setting. The author presents a broader investigation of the role of fire in human life with a view to informing research and practice. This book...

Child to Parent Aggression and Violence A Guidebook for Parents and Practitioners

Child to Parent Aggression and Violence: A Guidebook for Parents and Practitioners

1st Edition

By Hue San Kuay, Graham Towl
June 10, 2021

Parent-directed aggression and violence by children is a complex issue and may not be explained by focusing upon a single factor. The affected parents tend to delay seeking help from professionals due to not knowing where to seek help or even an inability to identify their experiences as a problem....

Understanding Psychopathy The Biopsychosocial Perspective

Understanding Psychopathy: The Biopsychosocial Perspective

1st Edition

By Nicholas D. Thomson
April 08, 2019

Understanding Psychopathy is an essential, accessible new guide on psychopathy and its development. Through the lens of the biopsychosocial model, Thomson explores a wide range of factors contributing to the development of psychopathy, from the genetic to the environmental, supported by the latest ...

Tackling Sexual Violence at Universities An International Perspective

Tackling Sexual Violence at Universities: An International Perspective

1st Edition

By Graham J. Towl, Tammi Walker
March 13, 2019

Sexual violence is a problem well beyond universities, however universities are uniquely well placed to contribute to reducing sexual violence, encouraging those affected to come forward and speak about their experiences and actively encourage increased reporting. This book is unique, in that it ...

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