1st Edition

New Heritage New Media and Cultural Heritage

Edited By Yehuda Kalay, Thomas Kvan, Janice Affleck Copyright 2008
    340 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    The use of new media in the service of cultural heritage is a fast growing field, known variously as virtual or digital heritage. New Heritage, under this denomination, broadens the definition of the field to address the complexity of cultural heritage such as the related social, political and economic issues. This book is a collection of 20 key essays, of authors from 11 countries, representing a wide range of professions including architecture, philosophy, history, cultural heritage management, new media, museology and computer science, which examine the application of new media to cultural heritage from a different points of view. Issues surrounding heritage interpretation to the public and the attempts to capture the essence of both tangible (buildings, monuments) and intangible (customs, rituals) cultural heritage are investigated in a series of innovative case studies.

    Introduction New Heritage: Preserving Cultural Heritage through Digital Media Section 1 1. New Heritage Overview: Media, Affordances and Strategies 2. Cultural Heritage in the Age of New Media 3. The Vanishing Virtual: Safeguarding Heritage’s Endangered Digital Record 4. Virtual Heritage: Mediating Space, Time and Perspectives 5. Trough Form and Content: New Media Components and Cultural Heritage Sites Management, in the Jewish Traditional Society 6. History is 3D: Presenting a Framework for Meaningful Historical Representations in Digital Media Section 2 7. Essence: Digital Representation and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage 8. Chasing the Unicorn?: The Quest for "Essence" in Digital Heritage 9. Memory Capsules: Discursive Interpretation of Cultural Heritage through New Media 10. Cross-Media Interaction for the Virtual Museum: Reconnecting to Natural Heritage in Boulder, Colorado 11. Experiencing the City through a Historical Digital System Section 3 12. Discourse: the Marriage of New Media and Cultural Heritage 13. Consuming Heritage or the End of Tradition: The New Challenges of Globalization 14. The Politics of Heritage Authorship: The Case of Digital Heritage Collections 15. Explorative Shadow Realms of Uncertain Histories 16. Making a Livable "Place" Section 4 17. New Heritage in Practice: Virtual Environments 18. The Components of Engagement in Virtual Hertage Environmets 19. Educational Tool or Expensive Toy? Evaluating VR evaluation and Its Relevance for Virtual Heritage 20. Designing a Virtual Museum of Architectural Heritage 21. Place-Hampi: Co-evolutionary Narrative and Augmented Stereographic Panoramas, Vijayanagar, India 22. Digital Songlines: Digitising the Arts, Culture and Heritage Landscape Of Aboriginal Australia Conclusion A Future for the Past


    Thomas Kvan, Yehuda Kalay, Janice Affleck