1st Edition

New Labour, New Language?

By Norman Fairclough Copyright 2000
    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This is a book about the politics of New Labour that focuses on language. Fairclough gets behind the rhetoric to uncover the real meaning. He examines a wide range of political speeches and texts, from Tony Blair's speech following the death of Diana to the 1997 Labour Party Manifesto and Bill Clinton's book Between Hope and History. New Labour, New Language? blows open the whole debate on the nature of the political discourse of New Labour and the 'Third Way'.
    Written in a clear, non-technical style and including a glossary, New Labour, New Language? will appeal to anyone interested in language and politics.


    Norman Fairclough is Professor of Language in Social Life at Lancaster University and author of many books, including Language and Power (Longman, 1989).

    'The book is an interesting contribution to the study of contemporary politics.' - Politcal Studies

    `Fairclough's book, New Labour New Language? is probably unlikely to form part of the staple reading of the speechwriting team within No 10 - but that seems a pity since they could almost certainly learn from it." - Anthony Howard, The Times

    'an excellent example of how to make academic expertise accessible and informative' - Times Higher

    `A skilled analysis of the art of Blairite rhetoric." - The Telegraph

    'This is a real book. Not written by a spin doctor. Read it and worry. Read it and hope.' - Ted Honderich, The Guardian

    'The terrifying thing for New Labour is not that clever people can decode its language, but that the louder it shouts, the less we all listen. In a world in love with the new, 'new' fast becomes old.' - Andrew Marr, The Observer

    'Cut through this spin, unravel the rhetoric and dismantle the semantic heart of New Labour...Hapless Tory leader could do worse than invest in a copy of Fairclough's book.' - Big Issue