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New Literary Theory

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Why does or should literature matter to us? What is its value and significance for human existence in the twenty-first century? New Literary Theory aims to breathe new life into the way we think about literature. The books in the series will be erudite but not narrowly specialist, informed by up-to-date research but not overburdened by scholarly reference. The spirit of the series is to emulate the vitality, experimentalism and freedom of literature itself, and to find fresh and accessible ways of writing about our engagements with it.

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Just Literature Philosophical Criticism and Justice

Just Literature: Philosophical Criticism and Justice

1st Edition

By Tzachi Zamir
December 05, 2019

In Just Literature, Tzachi Zamir introduces the idea of 'philosophical criticism' as an innovative approach to interpreting literary texts. Throughout the book, Zamir uses the theme of justice as a case study for this new critical approach. By using ‘philosophical criticism’, Zamir posits that a ...

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