472 Pages
    by Routledge

    Seeking to better understand the interaction between users and new media and among individuals within the ambit of new media, this two-volume set systematically investigates the new media user both as an integral individual in networks and as an individual in mediatized time and space.

    The first volume revisits the multiple ways in which new media users have mutated from a passive "audience" to basic units within networks, acting as both nodes in communication networks, social networks, and service networks and a link between the three. The author unravels new landscapes of communication in the new media era, profound changes in social relationship, and the productive roles that users play in the network economy. The second volume elucidates the mediatized human lives and self-expressions embodied in key new media phenomena and explicates how reality and virtual life converge and interact. It also touches upon new forms of mediatization in the digital age and the approaching age of artificial intelligence.

    This title will be a must-read for scholars, students and media professionals interested in the topics of internet communication, new media usage and media and society as a whole.

    Volume 1:  1. Three Clues of New Media Development and "Nodification" of Users  2. Users as Communication Network Nodes and Distributed Production and Communication  3. Individual Nodes and New Model of Information Consumption  4. New Media Users as Social Network Nodes  5. Interactions of Individual Nodes in Social Networks  6. Mutual Social Movement Brought by Node Interactions  7. New Media Users as Service Network Nodes  8. Conclusion  Volume 2:  1. Mediatized Time: Differentiation and Alternation  2. Mediatized Space: Flowing and Intertwined  3. Mediatized Self-Expression: Performance and Discipline  4. The Survival of Mediatization: Integration and Interaction of Reality and Virtual Space  5. New Drivers of Mediatization: Data and Algorithms  6. Mediatization in the Intelligent Age: Cyborg and New Human-Machine Relationship


    Peng Lan is a Professor at the School of Journalism, Renmin University of China. She is a highly cited scholar in the area of new media communication and is also one of the pioneers engaging in the teaching and studies of new media in China.