1st Edition

New Models In Geography V2

Edited By Richard Peet, Nigel Thrift Copyright 1989

    First published in 1989. The publication of Models in geography presaged a sea change in the practice of Anglo-American geography. For a new set of models, this book provides a summary of their nature, spirit and purpose based upon a political-economy perspective. The book is split into two volumes, each consisting of four parts. This makes the title suitable for students and geographers with an interest in models of the city, civil society and social theory.

    Foreword, Introduction, Acknowledgements, List of contributors, PART I NEW MODELS, 1. Political economy and human geography, 2. Mathematical models in human geography: 20 years on, PART II NEW MODELS OF THE CITY, Introduction, 3. The city as locus of production, 4. Reproduction, class, and the spatial structure of the city, 5. Women in the city, 6. Third World cities, PART III NEW MODELS OF CIVIL SOCIETY, Introduction, 7. The geography of gender, 8. Geography, race, and racism, 9. Marxism, culture, and the duplicity of landscape, 10. What is a locality?, PART IV: NEW MODELS OF SOCIAL THEORY, Introduction, 11. Peripheral capitalism and the regional problematic, 12. Sociology and geography, 13. Modern geography, Western Marxism, and the restructuring of critical social theory, 14. The crisis of modernity? Human geography and critical social theory,


    Peet, PhD Richard; Thrift, Professor Nigel