1st Edition

New Models in Geography - Vol 1 The Political-Economy Perspective

Edited By Richard Peet, Nigel Thrift Copyright 1989

    First Published in 2004. It seems such a long time ago, another age—yet it is a mere twenty-odd years since the original Models in Geography was published. It is an even shorter time since the first tentative steps were taken towards an alternative formulation of what might constitute a geographical perspective within the social sciences. What came to be called the political-economy perspective has progressed with remarkable speed and energy to generate its own framework of conceptualization and analysis, its own questions and debates. The papers in these two volumes are witness to the richness and range of the work which has developed over this relatively short period within the political economy approach. Moreover, from being a debate within an institutionally defined ‘discipline of geography’, to introducing into that discipline ideas and discussions from the wider fields of philosophy and social science and the humanities more generally, it has now flowered into a consistent part of enquiries that span the entire realm of social studies.

    Foreword, Introduction, Acknowledgements, List of contributors, PART I NEW MODELS, 1. Political economy and human geography, 2. Mathematical models in human geography: 20 years on, PART II NEW MODELS OF ENVIRONMENT AND RESOURCES, Introduction, 3. Resource management and natural hazards, 4. The challenge for environmentalism, PART III NEW MODELS OF UNEVEN DEVELOPMENT AND REGIONAL CHANGE, Introduction, 5. New models of regional change, 6. Uneven development and location theory: towards a synthesis, 7. Rural geography and political economy, 8. The restructuring debate, 9. Marxism, post-Marxism, and the geography of development, PART IV NEW MODELS OF THE NATION, STATE, AND POLITICS, Introduction, 10. Nation, space, modernity, 11. The state, political geography, and geography, 12. The geography of law, 13. The political economy of the local state, Index


    Richard Peet, Nigel Thift, Clark University & University of Bristol

    `The list of contributors is impressive, the range of material covered is wide and [it] ...represents good value for money.' - Geography