1st Edition

New Nationalisms of the Developed West Toward Explanation

Edited By Edward Tiryakian, Ronald Rogowski Copyright 1985
    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    420 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1985, New Nationalisms in the Developed West is a collection of interdisciplinary and insightful essays on modern nationalist movements. The book argues that these movements have challenged the power of Western nation-states not from without, but from within their frontiers. The book’s focus remains predominately on Western societies and the nationalist movements of nations against states. The essays in this book are detailed and innovative and analyse nationalism through theory, methodology and empirical evidence. The book’s use of research methods deepens the comparative explanation of nationalist movements, and advances understanding of Western nationalisms as social movements and examples of social change in the developed world. This book will appeal to social scientists, in political science and sociology.


    Notes on Contributors

    Introduction, Edward A. Tiryakian

    Part I: Theoretical and Methodological Orientations

    1. Internal Colonialism Revisited, Michael Hechter

    2. States and "Nation-Groups" a Global Taxonomy, Gunnar P. Nielsson

    3. Nationalism and Modernity, Edward Tiryakian and Neil Nevitte

    4. Causes and Varieties of Nationalism: A Rationalist Account, Ronald Rogowski

    5. Economic Integration, National Policies, and the Rationality of Regional Separatism, Mario Polése

    6. A Rational Choice Approach to the Rise and Decline of Ethnoregional Political Parties, Margaret Levi and Michael Hechter

    7. Decision Modes towards Separatist Movements: Some Conceptual and Theoretical Considerations, Jürg Steiner

    8. Sociological Intervention and the Internal Dynamics of the Occitanist Movement, Alain Touraine

    9. Issues of Theory and Methodology in the Study of Ethnolinguistic Movements: The Case of Frisian Nationalism in the Netherlands, Bud B. Khleif

    Part II: Comparative Analyses

    10. From Primordialism to Nationalism, Juan Linz

    11. Catalan Nationalism: Some Theoretical and Historical Considerations, Oriol Pi-Sunyer

    12. Nationalism and the Noncolonial Periphery: A Discussion of Scotland and Catalonia, Jack A. Brand

    13. Living in the House of Power: Welsh Nationalism and the Dilemma of Antisystem Politics, Phillip Rawkins

    14. The Political Economy of Contemporary Nationalism in Wales, Glyn Williams

    15. The Religious Factor in Contemporary Nationalist Movements: An Analysis of Quebec, Wales and Scotland, Neil Nevitte

    16. Ethnic Cleavages. Labour Aristocracy, and Nationalism in Quebec, Jacques Dofny

    Conclusion, Ronald Rogowski