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New/Old Natures: Histories of the Environment

About the Series

New/Old Natures is a series interested in manuscripts that study the natural world and society in expansive historical terms to illuminate the material, conceptual, cultural and political dynamics of environmental change and continuity. As one of the most rapidly growing subfields of history, environmental history encourages readers to appreciate, on the one hand, the emergence of manifold interdependencies between people and the greater part of nature, and, on the other hand, the increasingly disproportionate influence of the former on the latter, especially since ca. 1500.

We welcome works on an eclectic array of topics, but especially those focused in and beyond the Americas and the oceanic worlds encompassing them, which highlight the many-layered pasts of environmental dilemmas that unfolded during the early modern period. We also encourage the submission of works that take a longue durée approach to problems that have become only more urgent in recent decades.

To discuss or submit a proposal please contact either the Routledge Editor Rebecca Brennan ([email protected]) or the academic editors Anya Zilbertstein ([email protected]) and Molly Warsh ([email protected]).

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