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New Perspectives in Folklore

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Finnish Folk Poetry and the Kalevala

Finnish Folk Poetry and the Kalevala

1st Edition

By Thomas A. DuBois
October 01, 1995

Since its initial publication in the early nineteenth century, Elias Lonnrot’s Finnish epic Kalevala has attracted international interest and scholarship. However, the author comments that the distorting lenses of translation, cultural difference and historical distance, have rendered the work a ...

Folklore, Literature, and Cultural Theory Collected Essays

Folklore, Literature, and Cultural Theory: Collected Essays

1st Edition

Edited By Cathy L. Preston
May 13, 2016

First published in 1996. The need to write, particularly in pre-technological recording days, in order to preserve and to analyze, lies at the heart of folklore and yet to write means to change the medium in which much folk communication and art actually took and takes place. In Part I of the ...

Contemporary Legend A Reader

Contemporary Legend: A Reader

1st Edition

Edited By Gillian Bennett, Paul Smith
February 29, 2016

First published in 1996. For most of the time since the Grimm brothers first contrasted the fairy tale (Märchen) and the legend (Sage), the former has enjoyed the greater reputation among folklorists. Only in recent years, and with the work of such scholars as Gillian Bennett and Paul Smith, has it...

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