1st Edition

New Perspectives on Russian-American Relations

Edited By William Benton Whisenhunt, Norman E. Saul Copyright 2016
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    New Perspectives on Russian-American Relations includes eighteen articles on Russian-American relations from an international roster of leading historians. Covering topics such as trade, diplomacy, art, war, public opinion, race, culture, and more, the essays show how the two nations related to one another across time from their first interactions as nations in the eighteenth century to now. Instead of being dominated by the narrative of the Cold War, New Perspectives on Russian-American Relations models the exciting new scholarship that covers more than the political and diplomatic worlds of the later twentieth century and provides scholars with a wide array of the newest research in the field.


    Introduction – William Benton Whisenhunt and Norman E. Saul

    1: Russia, the United States, and Great Britain on the Pacific Northwest at the End of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries – Alexander Iu, Petrov

    2: The Russian Federalist Papers: Aleksei Evstaf’ev, the War of 1812, and Russian-American Relations -- Susan Smith-Peter

    3. The End of the Winans Brothers Railroad Enterprise in Russia --Vladimir V. Noskov

    4. In Service to the Tsar: American Surgeons in the Crimean War, 1853-1856 -- William Benton Whisenhunt

    5. Abolition of Serfdom in Russia and American Newspaper and Journal Opinion – Ivan Kurilla

    6. Intrigue, Scandal, and International Diplomacy: A Reexamination of The Perkins Claim—Lee Farrow

    7. The Establishment of Russian Studies at the University of Chicago—Pavel Tribunskiy

    8. The Tsar's power explained to America: Notes from a 1905 homily. -- Monica Cognolato

    9. A Sick Dostoevsky and Rich, Healthy Shopkeepers: Maxim Gorky’s Critique of America via Dostoevsky -- Erich Lippman

    10. Rediscovering the "Living Human Documents" of a Goodwill Initiative: Letters from Russian Soldiers Cared for at the City Hospital of the American Colony in Petrograd, 1914– 1918 -- Lyubov Ginzburg

    11. Rethinking Russia in the United States during the First World War:

    Mr. Sigma’s American Voyage -- Victoria I. Zhuravleva

    12. The American YMCA and Russian Politics: Critics and Supporters of Socialism,

    1900-1940 -- Matthew Lee Miller

    13. Cyril Briggs and The Crusader: Black Engagement with Soviet Russia -- Kathleen S. Macfie

    14. Margaret Bourke-White and Soviet Russia -- Ada Ackerman

    15. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the USSR, 1933-1945. An Interpretation -- Vladimir V. Sogrin

    16. The Program that Shattered the Iron Curtain: The Lacy-Zarubin (Eisenhower-Khrushchev) Agreement of January 1958 -- Norman E. Saul

    17. "Academic Détente": Soviet Americanists as Exchange Scholars during the Brezhnev Era -- Sergei I. Zhuk

    18. The US, Russia, and Ukraine: End of an Era or Same Old Story? -- Paul D’Anieri




    William Benton Whisenhunt is Professor of History at the College of DuPage, Illinois.

    Norman E. Saul is Professor Emeritus of Modern Russian History at the University of Kansas.