1st Edition

New Public Management in Turkey Local Government Reform

Edited By Yüksel Demirkaya Copyright 2016
    492 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The last three decades in Turkey have seen an extensive shift towards a neoliberal agenda. Turkey has made many attempts at reforming existing governance systems in an effort to be accepted into the European Union, attracting the attention and curiosity of public management scholars worldwide. New Public Management in Turkey is the first book to analyze large-scale public administration reforms in Turkey according to the underlying principles of democracy, transparency, accountability, and localization. 

    Systematically examining the literature on Turkish local government over a 25-year period, this book presents a comprehensive look at reform and its consequences through the lens of comparative public administration. The scholarly contributions to this volume from academics teaching at universities throughout Turkey offer a multi-dimensional and multi-functional analysis embracing a variety of viewpoints. Utilizing Turkey’s rapid adaptations to the changing trends in public management as a case study, this book will serve as a unique and valuable policy guide for politicians and legislators seeking to develop a democratic and localized governance structure in a variety of contexts.

    Part 1: Reconstruction in Public: Reform 1. Impact Assessment as a Systematic Tool Based on Results in Public Management Decision Making Hamza Ateş and Fatih Akbulut 2. Local Government Reforms in Turkey: Administrative and Political Background Kemal Özden 3. Vision of the Public Administration Reform in Turkey Mustafa Kemal Öktem and Leyla Çiftçi 4. Public-Private Partnerships in the Turkish Municipalities Mustafa Tayyar Karayiğit 5. Municipal Councils in Turkey after the Local Administration Reform Tarkan Oktay 6. Reconstruction of Regional Development Policies in Turkey through Development Agencies Hande Tek Turan Part 2: Performance Management and Institutionalization 7. New Public Management Approach and Ethical Issues in Local Administrations in Turkey Ömer Faruk Gençkaya 8. A Parallel Change with the New Public Administration Approach: Human Resources Performance Management Kamil Ufuk Bilgin 9. Performance Management Experiences of Municipalities in Turkey Yüksel Demirkaya 10. Public Administration Reform: Autonomy and Privatization of Health Services Harun Kırılmaz 11. Comparative Analysis of New Pubic Management Politics of Developed and Developing Countries Bahadır Şahin 12. Effects of Reforms in Terms of Performance Management and Strategic Management in Application Hacer Tuğba Eroğlu Part 3: Metropolitan Management 13. Public Administration Reform: Accountability (Law Numbered 5018) and Auditing Public Administration Expenditures Yaşar Kabataş, Zekeriya Demir, and Nizamülmülk Güneş 14. Local, Metropolitan and Regional Administration Reforms in Turkey Hüseyin Gül 15. Public Administration Reforms in Relation to Urban Planning in Turkey Nihal Ekin Erkan and İclal Attila 16. Changing Metropolitan Government in Turkey from Past to Present Ayşe Tekel 17. Law Number 6360 and Transformation in Metropolitan Municipalities Fatma Neval Genç 18. Neighborhood Administration in the New Metropolitan Municipality Model Uğur Ömürgönülşen and Uğur Sadioğlu


    Yüksel Demirkaya is an Associate Professor at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey since 2011.

    "New Public Management in Turkey represents an essential reading material for those who are interested in understanding the challenges of administrative reform in a complex and specific context. The capacity of the authors to identify important problems in designing and implementing reform at both national and local levels is impressive. The authors’ contributions allow us to gain access to a sophisticated perspective with regard to administrative changes in Turkey." Calin Hintea, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

    "The peculiarity of the cultural and political context, the role of external and internal forces that drove the Turkish public administration reform process, and the specific focus on local government make this book an important source for theoretical and practical understanding of public management both for Turkish and international audience. Scholars as well as politicians and practitioners will find in this book a very good multidisciplinary analysis of a complex, long-term public sector reform process." Riccardo Mussari, University of Siena, Italy

    "This book offers a rare and much needed contribution to the European public administration body of knowledge. It provides valuable insights into Turkish local government based on retrospective accounts of reforms, assessments of current practices, and informed references to comparative research. The scholar will find original ideas and reliable new data from the field. Public leaders will find inspiration to enhance the capacities of local governments to deal with the development and modernization needs of our societies." Emil Turc, Aix-Marseille University, France

    "Because this comprehensive book on renewing Turkish local government provides a real state of the art analysis, it becomes an inspiration and an agenda for all those involved in decentralization, capacity building, and democratic governance at the local level." Geert Bouckaert, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

    "I recommend this book to every student and researcher interested in understanding how a country with a strong Napoleonic administrative system can adopt a new public management agenda. Focusing on local government, this book provides us with full analysis on the trends of reforms related to human resources, performance management, and ethics. It also offers a profitable debate that addresses metropolitan problems and how to balance privatization, accountability and autonomy of services." Miguel Angelo Vilela Rodrigues, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal

    "This book is a much-needed contribution to Public Administration and Public Management. It represents a first-rate overview on long term developments and recent reforms at the local level and an outstanding up-to date analysis of administrative modernization in Turkey. The book is a must read for researchers and practitioners interested in Turkish local government reforms and in Comparative Public Administration."Sabine Kuhlmann, University of Potsdam, Germany