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New Racial Studies

About the Series

This series of research publications focuses on the shifting and contradictory meaning of race in the aftermath of the massive racial upheavals that followed World War II: civil rights, anti-apartheid, major demographic shifts, decolonialization, significant inclusionary reforms and expansions of political rights on the one hand, combined with reinvented but still extremely deep-rooted patterns of structural racism, racial inequality, and "post-" imperial formations on the other hand.

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Global Raciality Empire, PostColoniality, DeColoniality

Global Raciality: Empire, PostColoniality, DeColoniality

1st Edition

Edited By Paola Bacchetta, Sunaina Maira, Howard Winant
November 21, 2018

Global Raciality expands our understanding of race, space, and place by exploring forms of racism and anti-racist resistance worldwide. Contributors address neoliberalism; settler colonialism; race, class, and gender intersectionality; immigrant rights; Islamophobia; and homonationalism; and ...

The Nation and Its Peoples Citizens, Denizens, Migrants

The Nation and Its Peoples: Citizens, Denizens, Migrants

1st Edition

Edited By John Park, Shannon Gleeson
January 07, 2014

With this volume, The University of California Center for New Racial Studies inaugurates a new book series with Routledge. Focusing on the shifting and contradictory meaning of race, The Nation and Its Peoples underscores the persistence of structural discrimination, and the ways in which "race" ...

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