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New Trajectories in Law

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This series of short-form books intends to define a new direction in the interdisciplinary study of law and legal processes. The conventional issues and categories must be reframed in our challenging times, especially in regard to the ‘racial reckoning’ of 2020, the climate crisis, and the persistence of systemic inequalities within and across nations and cities. New Trajectories in Law is a series of short, punchy texts borrowing from the academic publishing tradition of a ‘key ideas/concepts’ series, but subverting and extending it to push the study of law and the delineation of legal concepts in a new, progressive and thoroughly interdisciplinary direction. The books in the series will not respect the conventional divisions of legal teaching and practice, but will focus attention on ideas and ways of governing that cut across conventional institutional as well as intellectual divides. Making use of various theoretical traditions, but kept rigorously accessible, each title will shed light on a contemporary issue of interest to readers concerned not only with law but with social justice.

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Infrastructure New Trajectories in Law

Infrastructure: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition


By Mariana Valverde
January 29, 2024

This book provides an overview and assessment of infrastructure’s legal and governance underpinnings. Infrastructure is often thought of as a term referring only to the physical entities – pipes, cables, utility poles, highways, airports – that facilitate the transmission of water, gas, ...

Environmental Personhood New Trajectories in Law

Environmental Personhood: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition


By Francine Rochford
January 18, 2024

This book examines the increasingly widespread movement to recognise the environment as a legal person. Several countries have now recognized that nature, or parts of nature, have juristic personhood. In this book, the concept of legal personhood and its incidents are interrogated with a view to ...

Judgment New Trajectories in Law

Judgment: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Thomas Giddens
September 25, 2023

Judgment is simple, right? This book begs to differ. Written for all students of the law—from undergraduate to supreme court justice—it opens the reader to a broad landscape of ideas surrounding common law judgment. Short and accessible, it touches upon the many pathways that lead out from the ...

Death New Trajectories in Law

Death: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Marc Trabsky
July 20, 2023

This book examines how legal institutions reify the value of death in the twenty-first century.   Its starting point is that bio-technological innovations have extended life to such an extent that death has become an epistemological problem for legal institutions. It explores how legal definitions ...

Law and Economics New Trajectories in Law

Law and Economics: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Riaz Tejani
June 28, 2023

This book examines the contemporary significance of the Law and Economics movement. Drawing on anthropology, sociology, political economy, and ethics, the book traces the influence of lawyer-economists in developing and operationalizing key ideas—for instance human capital and structural ...

Community Justice Centres New Trajectories in Law

Community Justice Centres: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Sarah Murray
May 31, 2023

This book examines the phenomenon of Community Justice Centres and their potential to transform the justice landscape by tackling the underlying causes of crime. Marred by recidivism, addiction, family violence, overflowing courtrooms, crippling prison spending and extreme rates of incarceration, ...

The Anthropocene New Trajectories in Law

The Anthropocene: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Peter D. Burdon
May 24, 2023

This book introduces the concept of the Anthropocene and examines its importance for environmental legal thinking, research and practice. Two main arguments are explored. The first is that much of the scholarship in environmental law that addresses the Anthropocene does not respond to Earth ...

Sentencing New Trajectories in Law

Sentencing: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Elaine A. O. Freer
January 09, 2023

This book examines the process and purpose of sentencing in the criminal justice system, beyond the confines of its legalistic aspects. Sentencing is the process that concludes any criminal trial that ends with the defendant being convicted, and any hearing in which a defendant pleads guilty. Those...

Technology New Trajectories in Law

Technology: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Penny Crofts, Honni van Rijswijk
January 09, 2023

Placing contemporary technological developments in their historical context, this book argues for the importance of law in their regulation. Technological developments are focused upon overcoming physical and human constraints. There are no normative constraints inherent in the quest for ongoing ...

Rhythm New Trajectories in Law

Rhythm: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Conor Heaney
October 25, 2022

This book analyses the conceptual and concrete relationships between rhythm and law. Rhythm is the unfolding of ordered and regulated movement. Law operates through the ordering and regulation of movement. Adopting a ‘rhythmanalytical’ perspective – which treats natural and social phenomena in ...

Data New Trajectories in Law

Data: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Robert Herian
September 26, 2022

This book explores the phenomenon of data – big and small – in the contemporary digital, informatic and legal-bureaucratic context. Challenging the way in which legal interest in data has focused on rights and privacy concerns, this book examines the contestable, multivocal and multifaceted figure...

Lawfare New Trajectories in Law

Lawfare: New Trajectories in Law

1st Edition

By Jaume Castan Pinos, Mark Friis Hau
September 19, 2022

This book develops a new conceptualisation of lawfare that recognises the polysemantic nature of the term. Drawing on theoretical developments from legal anthropology, international relations, and social theory, the book scrutinises the multiple dimensions of this phenomenon. It illustrates the ...

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